Mort Drucker RIP

Apparently not COVID-related, but FUCK!!!

Ah crap. I grew up with his work.

RIP. While it’s a shame that Mort and Mad itself are no longer with us, they helped prepare me and a couple generations to withstand the world we live in now.

That’s sad. Jack Davis passed not too long ago as well. I feel like my whole way of visualizing America was impacted by them in ways I can’t really articulate.

At least Sergio Aragones is still with us.

Mad Magazine was the one magazine on the racks at a Walgreens or other big box stores that was for me and not my parents. It was subversive and satirized the establishment and its shortcomings in a way I could understand. It may have been juvenile humor at times but its blows were well-aimed and justified.

I’m sorry it’s gone and the people who created it are dying.