Mortal Engines - Peter Jackson, London on wheels

Based on Philip Reeve’s 2001 YA book.

Christian Rivers directing.

Written and produced by Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Phillipa Boyens.

Whatever good will I had for Peter Jackson died sometime around “The Hobbit Fanfiction Ep. IX: Quest For More Money”, but I don’t actively hope he’ll fail. That being said, I hope this is supposed to be a dark comedy. It looks like a parody of Mad Max.

What the what is this? More Maze Runner type YA stuff I’ll never understand?

The steampunk London thing is about 10 years past it’s sell-by date.

In all fairness, it probably seemed like a pretty great idea when the Hollywood execs who greenlit this were clearly coked out of their minds.

The only impressive part of that trailer was that the protagonist was able to hold the exact same facial expression throughout the whole thing.

Also, what’s with the bonsai tree?

I kept thinking the protagonist looked like Van Cleef and the Defias from World of Warcraft. The red bandana…

I guess I’ll be the odd one out and say it looks like it could be interesting. Has a Terry Gilliam look to it. And seeing London swallow up the other motor-city reminds me I need to get back to Besiege.

The books were fantastic. The movie(s)… well, we’re not exactly batting a thousand on YA novel adaptations. But we’ll see.

Is it a three parter?

The books are a quartet. I don’t know if the movie is a one-and-done or the first of a series.

I am guessing that will depend entirely on box office.

So it could be 6 movies is what you are saying. :)

Does Hugo Weaving have a Michael Caine-type contract for sci-fi/fantasy films? One that says he has to be cast in an least 90% of them?

If nothing else, that preview makes me think a movie based on Dishonored, which this sort of looks like at times, would be really cool.

The big rolling cities look cool in a 40k kinda way, everything else looks dumb in a Peter Jackson kinda way.

Jackson will forever be chasing the magical mix that he hit on in the first LoTR.

This was not great good even tolerable. The opening sequence was pretty cool, but after that they did nothing at all with the setting. The movie keeps introducing new spurious characters, and sending them into these seeming filler scenes. (Finding out this was based on a book maybe explains it; feels like it’s maybe sticking too close to the source material). Everyone in the movie is a total idiot and it’s got the worst “love conquers all” bit since The Fifth Element.

That’s too bad. It looked crazy stupid, but I was hoping for crazy good. I like the look of the setting.