Mortal Kombat 11 - Boonality!


Looks like they took everything they learned from Injustice 2 and amped it up.


Is there some lore-related reason that these guys survive having a spear shoved through their chests?


Well that was gloriously absurd!


Who is the target audience for this? There’s no competitive scene afaik for this series.


There is. It usually does solid numbers at EVO the year it comes out, it just dies off really fast because MK has always had bad gameplay. This is the series Sonicfox is most known for.

It’s behind SF and Tekken, but ahead of just about everything else fighting-game wise in terms of tourney presence, though it’s popularity is regional. (biggest in Chicago and Northeast US, not so big everywhere else)


He’s a furry influencer? Kids these days.


When he was coming up in the tourney scene, people were constantly asking who this furry was, and laughing at him. That stopped real quick. The guy is a freaking machine. To top it off, he seems genuinely nice and outspokenly gay. Sonicfox is badass.


Yeah SonicFox seems like an all around nice kid, which I feel is somewhat uncommon in the FGC where you often see lots of aggressive posturing and shit talking between top players. And I’m always in awe of people like him who can pick up any fighting game and quickly become one of the top players. I have a hard enough time playing a second character in a single fighting game, let alone juggling multiple games each with their own rhythms and muscle memory.


Watch the Evo final with him and Tekken Master from 2016. So good…

Aris commentary makes it… “I thought his brain would be exposed there!”


I don’t really enjoy MK’s hyper-violence and gore. I’m fine with the gameplay; I loved Injustice 2, which is pretty similar, but much less gratuitous in terms of violence. Presentation does count, and the violence in MK puts me off these days.

Hopefully I’ll get to play Injustice 3 at some point. ;)


I’ve met Sonic. He’s a good kid, but he will take your soul in games fast.

I’m passing on this game because the series has never really been good, my interest this year is Samurai Shodown and maybe DOA6. Soul Calibur is really good and keeping me more than anything else this gen so far.


Game is out today. Played some tutorials and the campaign for a bit and really liking it. I haven’t played the past couple of MKs and MK2 was my hay day in the arcade. Still, looking forward to jumping in more.

Anyone else playing on PC so I can lose to QT3ers?


I read that the unlocks are extremely grindy. I’ll be interested in hearing more.


I was Konsidering picking this up sooner, but I am now on the fence (and leaning towards wait-and-see) due to the Kontroversy over Kosmetic grind and multiple in-game Kurrencies like Krystals and Koins.


Ed Boon tweeted that there is a patch imminent to address economy issues… We will see…


That’s good to hear.

Are you enjoying the game otherwise?


I only had about 30 mins to play it but yes I like it so far.


I ended up biting on this despite the reactions. I have to say that the training/tutorials are some of the best I have ever seen in a fighting game. Really outstanding first impression.