Mortal Shell

I have done for Grisha, gotten another shell and another weapon, neither of which really feel very different from the initial ones, making me wonder why they bothered. Still having fun, about three hours in, although it certainly feels longer than that.

One thing I absolutely do NOT like is how if you quit, unlike most games of this type when you come back you aren’t where you were but back at the last “bonfire” with all the enemies respawned. Yuck.

This game is opaque to a fault. I beat a boss and got…a glimpse? What the fuck, literally the only direction I have gotten from anyone in this game specifically instructed me to get glands. Does this guy not give a gland? Googling it, after beating him, you have to do a teensy bit of backtracking and interact with the scenery to get the gland.


And yet I keep going.

Coming out tomorrow on Steam and GOG, along with a roguelike DLC that’s free for owners of the game until the 23rd. Should I?

Hmmm, should have bought it with the $10 Epic coupon after all, maybe. I’m going to need @Kolbex to reinstall the game and see if the DLC is very good or not.

I didn’t get on very well with it to begin with, sadly. It had great atmosphere but just felt kind of hollow overall. Not a bad achievement by a small team, but.

Somewhat like an empty shell?

Don’t forget to grab your free DLC before the time limit expires! Out now.

Yeah, I did actually have to log in and press “get”. I kind of figured it would just automatically end up in my library, but nope.

This is on Game Pass now, both Xbox and PC, and it’s a Play Anywhere title, so it’ll sync up saves between devices automatically. Nice.

Downloading now.

Some notes:

Maybe turning everything up to Ultra wasn’t a good idea. Lots of hits to the framerate for inexplicable reasons, and when I set the framerate to 60, lots of tearing too. Turning on v-sync got rid of the tearing though. I wonder which settings I should reduce to High? Or maybe even at 1080p, I should turn DLSS? That seems wasteful.

It greatly amuses me that this game has item descriptions in the loading screens, like in the Souls games, but that the descriptions all say “use this item to discover what it does”. (paraphrased). And also “use this item 4 more times to discover additional information about it”. Heh. Kinda neat.

Just like the demo/beta, I really like the hefty feel of the movement and combat. This character I’m inhabiting feels… heavy. It’s a nice feeling.

I love the fonts. Give the interface designer a gold star. It’s so nice to play a game where you’re looking at beautiful letters.

This game is tough right away. I still don’t understand really what turning into stone does for you. The enemy still hits you and your stone form breaks, so then you quickly have to dodge anyway. So it’s not as good as a shield. Why don’t I just dodge instead?

But the game insists that turning into stone is its main thing, so I must be missing something, so I’m trying to learn to use it. 2 Deaths already though, and I’m still in the main opening area.

The main thing is that you can turn to stone no matter what you’re doing, so you can do it while swinging, still get the hit in, then evade afterwards.

I must be doing it wrong. My experience was: Swing, turn to stone, get hit, resume normal form, get hit again.

It’s also unclear why not just evade or try to parry.

Well you can’t party if you don’t have any resolve. Killing guys and I think taking hits while hardened gives resolve.

I can’t believe there’s an achievement for beating that guy in the tutorial. I mean, that seems impossible given the amount of hit points he had compared to how much damage I did by hitting him a few times. I’d have to sit there all day, avoiding damage and hitting him.

At least, that’s how it feels, I didn’t measure it or anything. Maybe it would only take 6 minutes.

I came close but it was kind of tedious and ultimately I decided I didn’t care enough to try again.

I have until the end of November to try this game again. It’s leaving Game Pass then. I had an okay time with it, but never really got in a groove where I was doing well.

Yeah, I didn’t finish it. It’s…ok.