Most basic and easy video editing software?

I just want to do 3 simple things:

  1. Trim a video.
  2. Take multiple videos and splice them together.
  3. Make file size smaller (but keep quality high) for upload to Youtube.

What program would fit this nicely? I want to spend as little time as possible “learning” so easy is best.

That’s the recommendation I got on this forum. Not the best interface but it works and is easy to use once you figure it out.

I don’t have a lot of experience on the Mac side, so there may be better suggestions there. I’ve used Windows Movie Maker on the PC side, and it’s pretty simple (and the price is right). It’s no longer available from Microsoft, but available at other sites around the interwebs.

AlternativeTo lists OpenShot and KdenLive as alternatives for iMovie and Final Cut Pro, so maybe start with those?

OpenShot appears to be free and open-source.

On your iPad, iMovie and Clips. Both free.

If you want windows, cheap, but very powerful and easy then PowerDirector. If you actually intend to use it regularly.

This is for my PC. I want to do some video from DCS World. Like make a montage of different battles taking place all over the map.

No idea how complex it is (a friend uses it and I wouldn’t describe him as super technical), but you can grab Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate for a lowly US$1.37 on a current Humble Bundle.

The built-in Windows Photos app has video creation/editing that probably does everything you want. Pretty simple to use.

This. I mean I normally use kdenlive but it’s a step up in complexity up from Windows Movie Maker. If I want to throw something together super fast and export it hassle-free, it’s WMM. Launches in seconds, it’s there on my right click “open with” menu, it does the job.

It’s no longer available from Microsoft because they integrated it into the Photos app instead… no need to install anything.

Ah, well, even better!

^-- free and should suffice if trimming or slapping together some videos is all you need to do. For some more fancy stuff, other software will probably be suited better.

Is there some logic about which way an iPhone records video when viewing on a PC? I don’t think i’ve actually managed to record a video on the iPhone that is viewable on PC the right side up even once. I’m probably just going to buy a camera for work purposes just to stop having to edit every video I take.

It’s even more annoying because when you view it on an Apple product the video is right-side up, so it’s hard to cross pollinate here. It’s not a big deal for personal use, but i don’t have time to mess with this on a work level.

That sounds like a software problem. Or does it do it on al lsoftware on the PC?

Are you able to watch those videos in VideoLAN (VLC)? Are they oriented the right way?