Most Chaotic Racing Games?

As you seem to have looked thoroughly through the genre - if you limited yourself to games easily accessible on Steam or a similar PC gaming storefront, what is the best option for a Motorstorm-like experience?

I’m a huge Pacific Rift fan and the closest I’ve come to it on PC is Wreckfest to be honest. It has a ton of wild vehicles that can all be chucked in together (from lawnmowers and Reliant supervans, to school buses and combine harvesters), and is similarly crunchy and destructive. It’s missing the boost/damage mechanic and doesn’t have the spectacular environments of Pacific Rift, but what it loses there it makes up for with its expressive driving model and physics, and cool vehicle customisation. There’s still a lot of personality in its tracks too. Wreckfest’s MP is a riot and can happily be a chaotic ‘dirty’ mess or a precise ‘clean’ racing game.

Yeah I would agree with this. Lots of wonderful chaos and mayhem.

So today I was playing Pacific Rift, and the level I was on reminded me of Star Wars: Racer a lot. So I loaded up Racer’s Revenge (which I feel is the better game of the two) and wow the chaos! So fun! I think the two Star Wars: Racer games definitely qualify.

Thanks! I haven’t played either of these - I’ll check em out.

Huh, I’ve not played Racer so will check that out at some point!

Next up on the hit parade, this new arrival:

Someone on another forum suggested Dethkarz, so I got that from GOG and tried it today. Very fun!

Also Apocalypse is VERY different from Pacific Rift but I’m really enjoying the mayhem. The original Motorstorm should be arriving this weekend and I’m eager to try it.

Got these today:

Only played a few missions in Smuggler’s Run so far but they were very fun!

My god the Pacific Rift track Sugar Rush Sweet Spot might be one of the craziest tracks I’ve ever raced on. I felt lucky to get 8th.

So the original Motorstorm arrived today. Feels a bit different than Pacific Rift but I’m still liking it very much, still very chaotic!

Finally, after a dozen attempts, I got #1 in the first race in Motorstorm. It was exhausting and wonderful. I wonder, is Pacific Rift EASIER than the original?

I actually seem to recall some folk saying that but I never played the original so couldn’t say. Given how tough Pacific Rift can be that sounds pretty rough though so well done!

Yeah it was grueling but totally worth it.

I’m trying to recall the name of a racing game.

think it was a Swedish developer but I’m looking for a PSX/Windows era racer in the vein of Super Sprint/Iron Man Ivan Stewart off road that I can’t remember the name of. External perspective arcade racing from the 00s I can’t remember the name of—sensible racing or something.

So I’m going through this list.

You might wanna look through it because nothing is hitting me.

My first thought was something by Bugbear (Finland) then I saw the name at the end. DICE is Swedish, but I don’t think any of theirs match that.

Thanks. DICE made Motorhead which was great for 3D accelerators of its time. I’ll keep looking and maybe try the /r/tipofmyjoystick subreddit

Let us know if you figure it out!

Won a couple more races in Motorstorm after numerous attempts and I was just exhausted afterward. So grueling, but wow, so worth it, as it felt REALLY great to finally get first place.

So someone on my Discord recommended the RiptideGP games, such as:

So I just got it on the sale (both games are DIRT cheap as part of this bundle):

And hollllly hell that was fun! Can’t wait to play more!