Most Chaotic Racing Games?

It’s a joke.
On the PC Engine there was an insane top down racing game called Dekoboko. It sucks single player, but as a 5 player games I don’t think I have ever seen this level of multiplayer mayhem. Near unplayable, though, I guess: that’s a thin line that is very easy to cross!

Wow that looks great. I’ll have to try to find a way to emulate it so I can try it. Thanks!

He’s not ready for that yet.

I got a hard pitch about iRacing when I was a tiny baby PC editor. Those dudes were intense 20 years ago.

Yeah not sure I’ll ever be ready.

It’s not a great game, but Full Auto 2 had a certain charm to it. Play on PlayStation if you can, as that version was better. This was a repackaged version of the original iirc, and not really a sequel (though it had some improvements).

I loved Rollcage 1/2 back in the day. These had a recent spiritual sequel called Grip.

Excellent suggestions thank you!

Was that fun? I’m not interested in building tracks honestly.

I was a kid when I played it. It was fun then! I just played with the prebuilt tracks mostly I think.

Oh nice!

My only real addition to this kind of gnarly petrolhead chaotic racing is the brilliant BlazeRush which I reckon is one of the best single-screen elimination style racers since Micro Machines popularised/started it (SpeedRunners is the other!). It was @tomchick who highlighted this in a thread some years back and it’s honestly been one of the most consistently well received games I’ve whipped out at games nights.

Oh gosh I own that one but completely forgot about it. Thank you!

I’ll have to track down a copy. Thanks!

So this is a neat site. I put in BlazeRush and it’s showing me a lot of other neat-looking racing games, both released and not out yet. Wishlist increased a lot today.

Ohhh, nice! This will be really useful, thanks!

I just discovered it myself. I wonder if it’s part of Augmented Steam because I’ve never seen it before, yet it was in the “More Like This” section on Steam, which itself is very hit and miss.


GRIP is fantastic, and BlazeRush is a great party game. I still want to play Road Redemption, but I hate screen shaking effects. Excite Truck (or Bots) and Smugglers Run: Warzone are worth looking for if you have old consoles.

Oh I do have Excite Truck, I keep forgetting I have it. Thani you.

I’ll look into Smuggler’s Run!

So is Warzones the same as Smugglers Run 2 on the PS2?

I think I’m confusing this and Hard Truck Apocalypse, but either way, I’m on board!