Most expensive game ever

And you guys thought that Steel Battalion game was pricey…

At least it was for charity.

Here’s the second one. It went for a little more.


We rule! :)

Some more good news coming out of this a little later today. Good news for charity, that is.

Ten grand total, huh? Good for you guys.

The AO version of San Andreas is going for around $100 on Ebay…

but $100 isnt that expensive

Paying for a feature complete League of Legends, with all champions unlocked and all top-level runes available to you, the cost is about $400. That’s not counting the skins, some of which cost like $15 (Legendary skins).

Psht, the most expensive game ever is Steam. Er, hm. Something like that.

Jeez I still have that!

any mmo
Months since release x 15 =

So nobody other than Royal Fool noticed the epic 9 year bump here?

No, not really.

$100 was worth more back when this thread was started on 06-18-2002, 07:04 AM. :-)

How about when they were selling NFL Challenge for the PC (by XOR) waaaay back in 1985?

That Train Simulation game on Steam adds up to thousands of dollars if you purchase all of the DLC trains, IIRC.