Most loathed/shitty game patching system?

Now I must know what Discord servers you frequent.

Elite Dangerous’ launcher routinely bones up the whole game if using steam and requires a new 30gig plus download OFTEN.

Hehe. I remember bootdisk for memory allocation, but I think we’re your talking about predates me.

GameSpy was awesome, even if the lady voice was a little too… sensual.

Just launching the thing. It updated today. I have no idea why. The server folder update was days ago, and there are no other notes.

PAY DAY 2 often requires double the space of its patch size free.

Other games on Steam patch like 10kb worth of changes and spent 30min+ “installing” or actually making the file changes. That’s a Steam pet peeve of mine.

Steam does 0KB stuff which is also super annoying. Steam could easily make the list although unlike say Origin, at least Steam let’s you control when you download.


I’m pretty boring. There are two YouTubers who do stuff on Military History I support on Patreon whose servers I’ll noodle about in from time to time. That’s about it. Other than that I use it for playing Board Wargames live on Vassal. And messaging friends from here or board wargaming or whatnot.

It is the way to go for clear, solid Voice Comms while gaming IMO. If you have headphones and a mic that are decent.

Edit- and @Nesrie, I just went into Discord…and it needed an update. :)

Dude! you back! I missed your napalm-smelling ass. did Qt3 take that long to patch for you? :D

How you been maestro? too busy to post?

Lately its all been about beta/running playtest group for my Vietnam boardgame title. I do hang in the Grognard thread, 20/20 game, and other places, spottily. Thanks for asking, crazy man!

MtG Arena used to have a crappy patching system, where the patch was basically just the installer of the entire new version. Not a huge game, so it wasn’t too horrible, but still - what a weak solution.

Since a few weeks or, so, they switched to a more sensible patching approach, though.

I also have to agree with the SWTOR one. I don’t think I ever had to wait that long for any patching.

SWTOR is mostly fine except for the random verification and re-verification…

Path of Exile. Here’s a 1.3 MB patch, it will take about an hour.

It’s still not great, though better than it was. It somehow manages to delete my launch icon every single time.

Yep me too, not my sister though. Sometimes she takes days to get an update… no idea why. It worked at least… this time.

EvE once had a patch that bricked people’s computers by overwriting the boot.ini file.

Only dumb peoples’ boxes. Peeps who know their arse from their USB ports were mildly inconvenienced. Very viking of those icelandic bastards lol. “arrr! that’ll seperate the boys from the men!”

I don’t recall hearing about this, but then again it was 2007, and I didn’t play EVE. I am mildly amused, after reading about this, that they reached out to Geek Squad to help bring some systems up.

Eve’s apology is pretty detailed and well done too!

Oh god, I remember that. What a clusterfuck.

I was just so amazed that such a thing made it to release… like, literally no one at ccp ran the patch, because i think it happened EVERY TIME.

Although, i guess maybe they ran it and never rebooted the machine afterwards and so never realized the boot.ini had been overwritten.

Cryptic’s patcher for Star Trek Online, Neverwinter and Champions Online are pretty shitty as well.