Most Memerable FPS Levels

Was thinking today about my favorite levels from FPS games gone by. Two stuck out in mind.

One was Half-Life “killbox”, which was a giant room with a bunch of weapons and lots of killing. Probably derived from something even older.

The other was the ridiculous level in the “Monkey Boy” Quake 2 pack, where all spawn points are way under water and you basically kill till you run out of air.

Would love to hear others.

as_oilrig was always my favorite CS map. Not as timeless as dust, but it had a lot of personality.

Obligatory & repetitive reference to Painkiller’s Hell level.

Rogue Spear’s City Street and Estate maps. More like squad FPS but still … my favorite. By the way the title is misleading, I think you meant maps, since by levels I think that references only single player?

I liked Cross the Border (or something like that) for QW Team Fortress. There were three teams, the guys trying to get across the border, who had to ride in a truck and had only axes, the guys trying to protect them, who did have guys, and the guys trying to stop the guys from crossing the border.

A map is the same as a level, really.

The level in Half Life when you are on a little train car I think.

Sure, but I came into this thread thinking it was time for me to rant about how awful Xen was even if HL is the best FPS evar and then I realized he was talking about multi-player maps so I talked about oilrig instead.

I think it was “On a Rail”

Half-Life, there was a part where you were sneaking through a duct, and then you heard soldiers say “Wait a sec, what was that? He’s in there!” and they start shooting up at the duct and it fills with holes and breaks. Not really a level so much as a moment.

For full levels, the HL2 hovercraft escape was pretty awesome. And then there’s the NOLF2 “chase scene” boss fight.

I think if I had an absolute favorite, of all time, there’s a damn good chance it would be the final escape sequence in Chronicles of Riddick when you are in the robot suit. Especially having the computer insult you the entire time. So awesome.

edit: Dunno if Deus Ex counts, but I loved the Versalife/Hong Kong level.

editedit: I also need to add in the house investigation level in NOLF2. Atmosphere the likes of which have rarely been matched in FPS games, IMO.

The Serbian level in Rogue Spear. That’s the one where you’re leading the Rainbow team among the ruined streets and burning tanks of a Balkan town, avoiding belltower snipers and fighting Serbian military and paramilitary troops in street-to-street combat under a gloomy downpour.

It was the first game level that captured an atmospheric feeling of gritty modern urban warfare. Made me look at the current events at that time (1999) a little differently – many commentators were calling for US intervention into the Balkan conflict, and I had a better understanding of what that might mean for young American GIs to get involved in that morass.

How many FPS levels spark that level of reflection? ;>


It’s been awhile… but the level in Dark Forces (possibly Jedi Knight, I don’t remember) where there was a big gorge, with stormtroopers on the other side firing at you. I don’t know why it immediately comes to mind… maybe it was the trademark scream when they fell.

Enemy at the Gates rip-off in Call of Duty.

Well, speaking of Jedi Knight, I think their very first level was one of the most memorable experiences.

Remember moving from Dark Forces with it’s DOOM-like 2d graphics, and then firing up Jedi Knight and staring down into the abyss of those impossibly high buildings in Nar Shadaa? Of glancing upwards and seeing a massive cargo ship floating in midair or a TIE bomber go screaming past? Working your way among the narrow catwalks and platforms as the wind howled and the sounds of the city echoed around you?

Very cool.

The Cathedral in Thief is probably my all-time favorite. The first part of System Shock 2 was also great and creepy. I really enjoyed the NOLF2 level in the snowy Russian base. And in UT (I think this was the original UT) I really liked the level that was on like a giant skyscraper.

Oooh, very good call.

Falling ship level in Jedi Knight.

Yeah, I’d also go with Jedi Knight on the ship falling from orbit.

Wait, are we talking “memorable” or “favorite”? I distinctly remember plenty of interesting-but-annoying levels/maps, like MOH:AA’s snipertown and NOLF’s skydiving sequence.

  • Alan

If we’re talking memorable-bad I have to mention halo’s final level. Fuck that was a shitty shitty pain in the ass. From tossing grenades in to holes during infinite respawns to trying to drive that shit-ass slidy crap of a vehicle down crappy maze-like tunnels to escape.

Ah, yeah, I’ll have to give a nod to various levels in NOLF2. I loved that game so much I didn’t remember it… using the bow in that ninja level was a ton of fun. In general, I really liked the way NOLF2 mixed stealth and action.