Most overall replayed game(s)


I had something like 770+ games completed of Thurn & Taxis on Brettspielwelt last time I checked (which was almost ten years ago). But those games take 10 minutes each. I am at 300+ games of Twilight Struggle, which take approx. 2 1/2 hours. Not really the same as playing Half-Life 100 times (which would make it only fifty times?)


I know what you mean! Some really good Pinball FX 2 players have started recently that I know I can’t keep up with. They either put up scores that I know I can’t touch, or ones it will take me 20 hours to match when it may take them 2 hours to achieve.


Diablo 2
Civ Revolution on Xbox 360
Wizardy 8 (currently doing 10,343,432nd playthrough)
Risk (horrible game, no idea why)

All of these pale in comparison to the amount of time I dumped into the original EQ at release. Tribes would be way up there as well.


Yeah, I hear ya there, and we didn’t even push content or “raid” stuff. I would still pick EQ here as my wife and I restarted on live a few years back and went from level 1-76 or so, and just in the past year I have started over with an enchanter from 1-47 or so on the progressive servers and trying again 1-8 on P99 just the past week, heh.

I have done the same with DAoC over the years and have started over multiple times over the years, and even recently.

Other games that will always be installed are the latest Illwinter games like Dominions 2/3/4 and CoE.


Yah I have been sort of twitching, thinking about installing EQ yet again…I have a problem.


I haven’t played EQ in like a decade. Aside from more expansions and whatnot, what has really improved in this game? IE: Is the questing system vastly improved? I remember having to go to EQ Stratics to lookup where to get whatever and what NPC to turn stuff into and all that. Also dying and trying to run to your corpse and then being out of mana and meditating forever as a mage, etc…

I just want to know what mechanics have improved.


If you play on the live servers (not progression servers), it’s an entirely different game.

  1. You get better gear in the starting zone, that you used to get in raids.
  2. You can hire “mercs”, NPC bots that can either heal, tank, or do damage. I.E. It’s possible to solo, and do it quite well, for at least the first 75 levels of the game.
  3. “Boxing” (running more than one account), is super easy to do with EQ, and super fun. You can do it with no external software. This means you could start say…a druid and a monk, and have a cleric and a tank merc. This allows you to do pretty much any content in the game short of raid content.
  4. No more corpse runs, you don’t lose anything when you die.
  5. Leveling has been vastly sped up. You can do 1-60 in a day solo if you know what you are doing.

The last time I went back to EQ, I got super hooked on boxing. I ended up running 3 accounts at once, and having a full party of 6 (3 mercs). I had endless hours of fun just trying different combinations of 3 classes.


Yeah the last time my wife and I did live, I ran an enchanter and boxed a cleric. We ran with tank mercs and a cleric merc and used to have a blast revisiting all the old haunts doing content we could never do or experience before. I believe we did my wife’s wizard epic in a few weeks. Venril Sathir ended up being quite an underwhelming kill as we were working out strats to take him on and before we could set up what we wanted to do, my tank merc had him half dead, lol.

I am not sure it would have been as fun without the nostalgia, but it has been improved in many ways, for sure.


Heroes of Might & Magic II and III
Jagged Alliance 2
Dark Cloud (PS2)
Mercenaries (Xbox)
Wizardry 8
Arx Fatalis


Is the EQ questing system improved? IE:More directed, quest logs, maps pins (are there maps?), etc…
Downtime, is that gone? IE: How long is it to regen your mana outside of combat? You are talking about EQ, not EQ2, right?


I had been a few years, but I will see what I can answer from memory. Yes, this is EQ (not EQ2).

The questing system has definitely evolved and improved in some ways. There are daily quests that grant nice experience and a piece of Defiant armor, which is vastly better than gear from the first few expansions at least. There is a journal, but I can’t remember how detailed the information was. It probably still involved using something like ZAM to find quests that are available and where to find them, but there are maps and markers for your location, I believe, but not sure whether there are quest target markers or not.

There is now out of combat regen for health and mana. I wouldn’t say downtime is gone, but it is a great deal better than it was originally. When my wife and I were boxing and using mercs, we could pull just about non-stop in a dungeon setting.


I may have to go back and try EQ sometime then. I do have some version of EQ on steam. I bought it a few years ago. I am sure Ill have to create a new account as well. I have no idea what my original login/ password was. I am sure the email account used has long since been lost. It might be worth a try to run around in EQ land again. I always had a fondness for the magician class. I have always felt that was a missing arch type from all other mmos.


Master of Magic
Master of Orion II
Disciples II
Railroad Tycoon II
Heroes of Might and Magic II & III
Civilization IV: Colonization

As for EverQuest, I quit playing it years ago when players were penalized for soloing. I did not install it on the new PC I purchased last month and I don’t have any intention of doing so. World of WarCraft has scratched my MMO gaming itch for the past twelve years although I wish something new would get my attention. Nothing has so far.


A magician with a cleric merc, is really really fun to tool around with.


So those of you playing everquest, this is the free to play one on steam, right? I do have a paid version, secrets of faydwer or something like that. Any recommended server? What are the free to play limits?


Bleh, been about a year since I played so trying to recall a few things. Servers…hmm, do some googling. Firiona Vie has an exp bonus, and you can trade things that you can’t normally trade (raid gear). There are a few other servers that have specific/small differences to them, but I can’t recall all the permutations or names at the moment.

FTP is certainly fine to get you going and see if you want to sub. There are restrictions on what kind of gear you can wear, and what level of merc you can hire (i.e. you can only use the worst mercs if you are free to play, this actually makes a huge difference fairly quickly). In general, I think it’s well worth subbing if you are interested. That being said, there is certainly plenty of game to be had in free to play, especially if you just want to jump back in and see what’s new or tool around old spots.

Start up a free to play character, do the new tutorial dungeon, which gives you a nice set of starter gear when you complete quests. It will also get you back into the swing of the game and let you know how things are now. After the tutorial dungeon, the zone they pop you out into can take you all the way to level 20 if you like. It also has a bunch of quests and rewards, and there is also something called the ‘heroes tome’ or ‘heroes journey’ that you can follow that has pretty significant loot rewards.

One other thing. The mercs are fairly worthless until about level 15 or so, at which point the tank merc becomes an unkillable god that can solo red cons. This will be true all the way to about level 60, where they start to lose some ground, and continue to get worse as you level. Between 15-60, tank mercs make the game absolutely easy mode. You can literally multi tank red mobs 5 levels above you with that merc.


Thief 1/2/3
Diablo 1/2/3 (mostly 3, though)
Baldur’s Gate 1 (2 is very good/great, but I have a soft spot for 1. Pretty sure I’ve finished it at least 4 times)
Crash Bandicoot Warped (100% completion at least thrice)
Pinball FX 2
Fallout 3
M:TG - Duels of the Planeswalkers (the original Shandalar one…I played the shit out of that)


I started a character on the vox server. So the tank merc is godly? How about healing him? I know even now I am starting to have to sit down and 'med" a bit. IIRC this will get very bad at higher levels unless there is some serious mana regen gear I can easily get.


This is the top right of my desktop now. The hall of fame.


Battlezone is basically the prequel to King Arthur.