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Need more posts over here. Anyone wanna debate the merits of the Carter administration?

Carter blows cock!!

Carter is great, if you, you know, ignore that he’s as culpable as Kissinger in the slaughter caused by the Khmer Rogue. So, you know, aside from having to wipe the blood off every time you shake hands with him, he’s a great guy.

But he got a Nobel Peace Prize. So the blood’s already been wiped off.

He’s friend with Fidel, so he must be cool.

But he got a Nobel Peace Prize. So the blood’s already been wiped off.[/quote]

Last time I checked, awards don’t erase history, regardless of who receives them. If Sharon gets a nobel peace prize, guess what? I won’t stop holding him responsible for the camp massacres. The only people who could aquit them are their victims, and since their victims are all dead, they’ll be guilty forever.

I believe our resident reptile was actually intending to express his contempt for this particular award.

I know little of this man other than he is universally hated by the US public as far as I can see.

What an amazing acheivement.

And he did it all in one term.

“Malaise Forever!”

Remember it’s the Carter statue that starts the Springfield Riot!

He’s history’s greatest monster!

Thank you.

“Peace?! What is it good for? Absolutely nuffin!!”

-from the Album “Fuck tha World” by the Lizard Kings. :lol:

There’s a difference between expressing contemp for the Nobel Peace Prize, which has arguably been awarded to some rather undeserving recipients, and expressing contempt for peace. I can hate the Academy Awards but still enjoy films, you know.

There’s money to be made from war. I was merely expressing my impressions of the essence of the LK. He may be a closet peace freak for all I know but his utterances give me pause.