Most scandalous thread in recent memory?

I’d just like to commemorate the rash of retarted topics as of late with a poll!

This is what I expect from Gary “Bald Pussy Joke” Whitta.


Good to know that we all agree about baby fucking being over the top. I’d hate to think our baby fucking sensibilities had become hardened.

Gary, remind me never to introduce you to my mother.

Me: “Mom, this is Gary Whitta.”

My mom: “Hello, Mr. Whitta.”

Gary: “Hello, Mrs. Chick. Did you hear about the guy who fucked a baby up the ass with his hard cock?”


You mean “retarded”, right?

I got your retarded right heah, slick. It’s all Fox’s fault anyway.

You mean “retarded”, right?[/quote]

No man. I mean the rash of tart threads that are even more tarty than usual… You know, retarted.

By all means, please start posting something more intellectual.