Most searched for thread tags for Qt3

3x3 9/11 360 4870 abortion adobe angel antivirus app apple audiobook blizzard camera children cpu dan quayle electronic arts fatties fear fixes forget gorillaz gpu graphics guide housing i am in2books internet inversion ipad ipod joe biden kingpin laptop madden milk moan music nds nfl oddworld origins patch politics ps3 racism reading reported republican research saber sea kittens short story soe soundtrack steam tagger tags tattoo toy soldiers tweaks use of vaccine wardell win7 windows windows7 winter youtube

Alright, fess up, who keeps searching for moan?

What the hell is a sea kitten?

Don’t google it at work…

People use the tags?

I try to remember to use them when I’m not making a look at the funny tags thread.

It’s your brain on PETA. And I hate myself for remembering this.

Doing a search by tag usually gives better results than using the regular search. When I forgot to subscribe to the Borderlands PC thread I started, I just searched for the tag and lo, there was the thread.

I am not the one searching for moan.

The obvious follow up question…which thread is tagged with moan, or alternatively, which thread that isn’t tagged with moan is that person searching for?

I would never ever actively seek out an abortion thread. You P&R folks are unhinged.

I admit, I searched for Dan Quayle.

The better question is who tagged it: Beefeater1980. TMI, man.

It’s actually “mo-an”, but search doesn’t deal with hyphens well. Mo-an is the Zen practice of meditating on the unknowable, similar to koans. We had an excellent discussion of mo-ans in P&R, and I never remember to just bookmark the thread, so I end up searching for mo-an a lot.

Related question: who keeps searching for fatties?

The fact that you started the Internet Dating thread indicates otherwise.


I did not notice that one and just snorted through my nose and cannot stop giggling at the idea that folks come to Qt3 and search for “fatties” whereas it being a popular internet search would not be surprising at all.

No, no, that’s what I do after checking my mail at an Internet dating site, accompanied by the application of palm to forehead.

In fact, I have something apropos to add to that thread right now!

Now I’m scared to find out what a sea kitten is. I kind of want to know, but I kind of want to keep thinking it is what I think it is, which is pretty darn adorable.


It’s neither as delightful nor as icky as you might think, much like life in general.

That’s what I thought about 2 somethings and a something, initially.

“Sea kitten” just comes from a PETA publicity campaign, where they argue that people wouldn’t eat fish if they were called “sea kittens”.