Most searched for thread tags for Qt3

What’s wrong with eating fish?

Ask PETA. Actually, I wouldn’t. But if you really want to know, they have the answer.


Is it the same as sea pussy?

Tread lightly, my son.

Would people eat kittens if they were called “land fish”?

ElGuapo. He just doesn’t make it public.

. . .no.

nonchalantly pushes his plate aside while whistling innocently

Have you ever petted a fish? Not quite the same.

And no, I keep searching for Dan Quayle.

What the hell are tags, anyway? Is that like a meta-tag you can add to an HTML header?

These are more entertaining if you make them into sentences:

children tattoo sea kittens
fatties fear use of ps3 camera app
joe biden reported music kingpin dan quayle
wardell tweaks short story, fixes graphics

  • Alan

Perhaps somebody upthread even linked to the exact page that explains it.

This, is a sea kitten.

Tag your post with sea kitten so it pops up on the search.

Sea Kitten Sea Kitten

About a year ago I happened to glance at the tags. The one in the largest font was “wall of dragons and teeth”. I wondered who the hell had searched for that, never mind what it actually meant. Then six months later I glanced again. It was still there. Whoever was feverishly searching for this has since given up, apparently.

I think that was the dragon age tag, though I’ve also never actually used the tag system…

I have, actually. I was bathing in a lake, and a fish came over to me and was all kinds of curious. Didn’t even leave when I petted it.

Doesn’t stop me from eating catfish.

Maybe if they purred and cuddled instead of flopping around croaking at you?

Sorry, I’m not into sushi.