Most surprising games of 2013

Title Most surprising games of 2013
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When December 18, 2013

The best case scenario for any game is that it will be better than you expect..

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Boy, I couldn't stand ROTT. It was a gaudy remake of a classic sans Apogee's charm, atmosphere and creativity. Plus it ran like a fat guy running up a hill.

It is awesome to see the rise of the mid-tier shooter, with Gunslinger and Shadow Warrior deserving praise Perhaps Farm 51 can repeat Necrovision's wackiness down the line?

DAMN YOU CHICK! Super Mario Galaxy is a god emperor among platforms! Good job.

OK. I'm officially excited about Techland now. I love Dead Island and I'd give my eye-teeth for a copy of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Can't wait to see what different things they do with FPS.

That was the same reason Devil May Cry was the biggest disappointment for me. There were already over a dozen other God of War clones on the market if that was your thing. The series used to be a violent hack & slash version of Tony Hawk that, at higher levels, became more about pulling off flashy tricks than straight killing. A truly unique franchise was lost when they decided to make it yet another God of War game.

It's really weird how the entire professional reviewer community decided to turn on Devil May Cry 3 for some reason when it was actually the most clever and subversive action game in probably forever. Reviewers who quote Army of Darkness every other article declared the cutscenes immature and "Ninja Turtle academy"(???). Then the reboot takes on the exact same tone but with much less wit (someone thought they were awfully satirical with that FOX news parody) and not a single complaint about the story is to be heard.

What's next, professional reviewers ganging up on the most brilliant brawler of the decade?

I'm not sure I could have forgiven Gazillion for taking away that Punisher drop you had, Tom.

I really did like DmC and I'm honestly kind of bummed out that it had such a poor reception that it'll almost certainly never get a followup.

I don't see the love for Gunslinger. Technically, it was OK, but it devolved down to same old gunfights with the same old two weapons. The gun fight/duel mechanics were both awful and poorly-explained. I found Shadow Warrior marginally better. I dunno. Maybe the score attack type of shooter just isn't my bag any more -- if they ever were.

To be fair, the initial release of Devil May Cry 3 was really hard even on Easy. If you play the Gold version (available in the HD collection along with the original version) it becomes a game that really does cater to a wide range of skill levels without sacrificing anything.

But yes, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Devil May Cry 3. Though I actually quite enjoyed DmC for a variety of reasons, I don't really understand judging it as some kind of refutation of or antidote for the preceding games.

This writer says the Thor movies are dopey, but commends Wolverine Origins? Credibility=destroyed