Mosul is falling to Iraqi insurgents


Selling them to WHO?


Now why would the World Health Organization be buying black market organs from ISIL? Do they ferry them around in black helicopters to secret bases to be used as spare parts for UN soldiers when Obama invites them to invade America? I bet that’s it.


I was more meaning ‘what created ISIS’, as in our actions in the middle-east (and other places related to the war on terror) over recent decades. But yes i’m sure Iran can spin that story to much of it’s own populace, in a self-serving internal political strengthening type move. Clearly ISIS have captured western weapons, we’ve known about that for ages.

But all that really is important and should not be lost to the re-writing of history, was just how small scale and generally un-interested in the west radical Islam was before the ‘War on Terror’ and how since then we have seen a huge upswing in the western hate and global acts of islamic extremists. Cause and Effect. Where the cause was our prodding (including the training of Bin ladden(and others) by the CIA and the creation of Al-Qaeda) that ultimately led to 9/11, and whatever you want to think about that it was not anything to do with Saddam. ‘The Power of Nightmares’ documentary by Adam Curtis goes into some of the exact details of this period.

The war on Terror was really a move by the Arms Industry and invested parties to see political action that would ensure global war would pick up pace (as that helps their profits). That was what i meant by my post. We are reaping what we have sowed and are very happy about it that you very much (would be the opinion of the arms industry execs).


The same guys the Kosovans and Chinese sell them to?


The harvesting organs thing is a claim made by the Iraqi ambassador to the UN. He says that 12 doctors in Mosul were executed by ISIS after they refused to help remove organs from some bodies, and he further states that they’ve found a lot of mutilated bodies with the kidneys removed.

It’s plausible, but the tendency towards conspiracy theories in the Middle Eastern cultures is legendary. I’d take it with a chunk of salt the size of my liver.


Some good news for a change: Tikrit is falling to Iraqi forces as we speak.

About 75% of the besieged Iraqi city of Tikrit is now back in government control, the head of a key paramilitary force taking part in the attack told CNN on Thursday. The other 25% is in the hands of about 150 ISIS fighters who continue to hold out, said Main Al-Kadhimi, commander of the Hashd Al-Shaabi militia.

On Wednesday, joint Iraqi forces gained control of Tikrit Military Hospital, a few blocks south of the presidential palace. It’s part of their ongoing quest to wrest control from ISIS, which captured the city last year.

The predominantly Shiite militia has been working with Iraqi troops as well as Sunni fighters to try to regain Tikrit from ISIS.

Also assisting is Iran, which has provided advisers, weapons and ammunition to the Iraqi government. According to the Pentagon, Iranians may be operating heavy artillery and rocket launchers as well.

If the Republicans in Congress would quit trying to screw up Obama’s diplomacy with Iran, having a common enemy would go a long ways towards building some mutual trust.


Then, at the end of the movie, Iran and the US defeat the real bad guys and then HIGH FIVE. <exit to 80’s rock outro>

That the ISIS tide may be receding a touch is good news of the moment, at least.



Exactly. <high five>



Common ground with Iran’s hardliners and the GOP:

Your Republican Congress is much like our revolutionary Islamic councils.

Our intelligence agencies told us that in your country, the guiding document is your Constitution. Recently, however, we watched videos from your “Conservative Political Action Conference.” Several of your senators spoke there about the abomination of homosexual marriage and the importance of protecting religion. Our assessment is that your senators interpret your Constitution in accordance with the Christian Bible, just as our council applies our Constitution in the light of the Holy Quran. We particularly enjoyed the speech of your senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, who called on your government to fight for Christians abroad. This is in agreement with our own policy of coming to the aid of faithful Muslims everywhere.

In Iran, all educational institutions are governed by our Cultural Revolution Council, which safeguards the faith of the people. We have been unable to locate such a council in your federal government. However, we recently learned that the state board of education in Sen. Cruz’s state, Texas, controls through its purchasing power the content of textbooks throughout your country. The board has used this power to limit the teaching of evolution and promote the celebration of your country as a Christian nation. Our cultural council protects Islam in the same way.


Well, there’s a reliable resource if ever there was one. Anything from Pravda on the wire, Comrade?


I believe it’s intended as a satirical piece.


That’s hilarious! Unfortunately with the repeated use of Christianity in politics and the deletion of evolution from textbooks, a little too close to the mark.


It’s Slate, I should have known.

Edit: I mean, of course I knew all along. I was actually at Slate HQ with Saletan when he wrote it. I recommended he sign it “sincerely”. </Brian Williams>


Jeez. Is this the most recent Mosul thread?

Anyway… This footage from CNN’s Arwa Damon in Mosul, embedded with an Iraqi infantry convoy. Watch the whole thing. It’s pretty incredible.

Could be NSFW for some blood and violence.

As soon as they started down that alley, my first thought was “Their vehicles are too close to each other,” but then again, when I was in Iraq, we didn’t even have the MRAP.


That’s pretty intense stuff. Those soldiers though behaved damn well, all things considered. Though I cant say I think as highly of who sent them in like that.


Harrowing. Frankly, that segment is as compelling as any found footage movie.



Sadly, it’ll get lost in the noise of talking heads and outrageous baloney that passes for news these days.


Jesus, that’s what I call being embedded. My respect for that woman knows no bounds. I couldn’t imagine being in such a situation. Certainly not as an unarmed observer.