Motel Hell/Deranged and The Fog are all out on dvd!


I just saw Motel Hell. What a good B rated movie. Has anyone see this yet? If anyone is interested, you get motel hell/deranged on one cd for $20!!

Question: Is Cliff (the mailman) from cheers in the motel hell movie? Remember when farmer Vincent is burying the bus full of hippies? My buddy swears it’s cliff. I don’t know though…

The fog has a ton of extra’s and only cost $25!!


tourist trap is out. Saw that yesterday for the first time. Kinda freaky, since the people are turned into dummies.

All good clean B movie fun :D


That is none other than John Ratzenberger as the drummer.

Hard to top his work in Superman and Empire Strikes Back, though…

Tourist Trap totally freaked me out as a kid; the suffocation scene as well as the ending. Chuck Connors is always freaky.

Someone from SFSU owes me a goddam beer.

I think it’s spelled STFU.

San Trancisco Fate University?,+John

  1. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) … Major Derlin

Thanks for the heads-up! I love both these flicks. Plus I had some credit at for trading crap ps2 games, so they’re free :D