Motherboard advice please

PC not working, so after looking at my evga 750i mobo I found this:

It appears she took quite a hit and burst in flames at some point. I am looking at possible replacements and found this and this. It’s all i could find that I think can cheaply replace the evga 750i, since the MB is a couple years old and I think new ones are an entirely different architecture.

Opinions? those would work right?

They should yes. Both are LGA775, at least :). You’re right, most new stuff on the market wouldn’t work at all. I’d double-check your memory speeds and whatnot, but that should be totally cool.

Thank you Armando! wanted to be sure before ordering.

The one issue I see is they use an Intel chipset; yours is nVidia. That can cause Windows to go squirrelly and necessitate a Windows reinstall. If you want to avoid that, perhaps you can find an used nVidia board using the same chipset off eBay or wherever?

Buy a common motherboard with an established track record and/or forum threads full of solutions and issues identified. Lagging edge always pays in this case for setting up your system’s foundation.

squirrelly is an understatement. it may even bsod.