Motherboard misery

I bought an ASUS A7N86-Deluxe motherboard from When it turned up I got the following:

The board powers up and the green light shows. However, no beeps or post error messages occur - it just hangs. All the attached components have been tested separately, and a new brand name 300watt power supply is in place. The jumpers are set according to the manual - all leads are firmly in place. No wires or parts of the motherboard are in contact with the case.

I returned the card for an exchange. $15 shipping and a week later a replacement turns up. Exactly the same problem.

Is there any obvious cause for the board not to even start to post? Or am I just really unlucky and in possession of a second defective board?


Did you plug in both power supply connectors? This happened to me^H^H a friend of mine.

I ran into the same thing in a slightly different situation. I was working on a Compaq server and it wouldn’t POST or give any indication it was alive except for the LED on the motherboard indicating power. Well after a motherboard swap later, we tried swapping the power supply and that fixed it.

What ju talkin’ 'bout? All I could see was one big connector on the edge? Where would I find this second power connector? Since I only found one that could certainly be a problem.


All P4 motherboards have two power supply inputs; the regular old one and a secondary small kinda-square thing.

My last upgrade was giving me trouble until I realised this and plugged the other one in. I must have missed the “we’re changing everything” memo.

I can’t find that motherboard on Asus’s website…

It’s a Barton motherboard - and I can’t see any ready socket for the weird square power thingy (although I can at least find that). Hmmm.

Maybe its only for p4 motherboards?

Are you running DDR400 memory?

If so, you might try swapping to a different power supply. Some otherwise good power supplies don’t seem to interact well with systems with very fast memory.

Yeah, it’s P4 only.

Not any more.

Some of the newer Nforce2 boards and KT600 boards now have ATX12V 4-pin connectors. These deliver a dedicated current flow to the CPU and increase stability.

But I believe the Asus A7N8X lacks the ATX12V connector.

If it fails early I reset the BIOS. I don’t remember where it stops if the BIOS doesn’t work but it’s very early in the boot sequence. To reset it you usually need to move a pin into the reset-position and back.

Thanks for all the help fellas. I tried the BIOS reset thing - sadly that didn’t work. I checked to make sure that I didn’t have any of the keyboard/usb/lock sleep stuff enabled too.

So, I guess that leaves the power supply. It is a 300w with 2amps on the 5v-sb line, 30amps on the +5v line, 15amps on the 12v line, 28amps on the 3.3v line.

My old supply was a 400w - but the fan started making funny noises one day and then my old system stopped being so stable.

I’ve only got DDR 266 plugged in at the moment.

Is it possible that my house power supply could be causing problems as well - or my surge protector?

Pissed Old Hack Baffled By New Technology by Our Staff Writer Lunchtime 'o Booze

Turns out that the error codes are spoken to you by the motherboard - none of this old fashioned (and damn useful IMHO) beeps that I had got used to. Since I didn’t have any speakers I heard not a thing.

When I plugged them in I was blessed with “System Memory Failure” in a robotic female voice.

I’m off to Frys.

Thanks all.

When these speaking motherboards first came out, the place I worked at built a system for someone. The tech that worked on it, having not yet looked at the manual, assembled the system (using an A7V333 motherboard, IIRC) and plugged in a set of speakers absentmindedly. For some reason the speakers had their volume turned all the way up. The tech fires up the not yet closed box while drinking a cup of coffee. When the voice said “Computer has compleated power on self test, booting from operating system”, it startled the guy bad enough that he spit out the coffee into the computer, frying the motherboard, power supply, and tripping a breaker that shut down half the systems in the testing area.

Ha, ha. I remember the first time I heard the voice tell me, “Computer has compleated power on self test, booting from operating system.” I had a similar reaction, although luck for me I was not holding coffee at the time. I couldn’t get in the BIOS fast enough to turn that off.

Alright one more :-).

Now when 2000 boots it gets part way and then tells me STOP… INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE.

This is probably related to the fact that I had to replace the old motherboard because it was fried. Any ideas about how to fix that (other than installing a new OS)?


EDIT: Doh never mind - already answered here