Motherf#@€ing company of heroes 2


CoH: Mad Max: Rulers of the Wasteland: Post-Fall RTS


As disappointing as CoH2 was for me relative to CoH, the absolute deal-breaker was the camera. If I can’t zoom out further in CoH3, I just can’t play it. Even in CoH, the first thing I had to do every match was zoom it out that last notch and tilt the camera.


Yep, this, if I can’t zoom out in an RTS, fuck said RTS. And that nonesense about “fair play with gamers that have lower resolution displays” never held water with me, either.


What were their last two RTS games? DoW3 and CoH2?

Personally I thought the pinacle was DoW2, although I know some people prefer CoH1. Was the big complaint on CoH2 the leader lockouts? I really haven’t played CoH2, although I do own it.


Anyone else get the Relic survey regarding the next game in the series?

Seems we might be headed to Afrika and Italy.


So did yours seem different from the one I got a while back? Were they still asking about alternate history Wolfenstein-style stuff? Or modern/near-future warfare?


Yeah a little along the lines of how much historical accuracy you wanted. Most questions were focused on the location.


Anyone play this in the last 6-12 months, the patch log I just read has some pretty interesting changes!


Free until Dec. 10th in honor of the 5th anniversary:

Maybe I’ll finally get around to finishing the first one - d’oh!


I was looking at the steam player count list and crying about how fast the Artifact population is dropping, when I saw that Company of Heroes 2 is the fourth most played game on Steam today, with a concurrent user peak of 164k! Even if it is free now that is pretty amazing for an old game like this.


I always intended to get this game but the reviews scared me away. But for free… yes!


So, it got a major update this week. I have no idea what it means, but some people are complaining and some people are happy.


I’m replaying this game, as at the time of release I never put that much time on it. And have all the dlc from some bundle. Also, I thought the multiplayer would have more people now that the game has been given for free, I never gave it a chance despite liking the CoH1 mp.

The impressions the game gives me now isn’t that good.

First, what’s the deal with the performance. Five years later i have a pretty banging computer, the type it didn’t exist when the game was released, and even then I have important slowdowns in the benchmark. It doesn’t seem to be very well optimized, to say the least.

Second, maybe I have rosy memories of the first game, but I could swear the pathfindind and the AI going to cover system was better there. Lots of times I click on cover, and the solider don’t place themselves as the preview indicate.

Third, omg I had forgotten it, why they dropped the tactical view, it was super good on the first game. A clear, concise way to have a general view of where your troops are, where is the enemy, how territories connect, etc.

Fourth, this game sure was a turn to a more micro-heavy style? Maybe they were trying to ape to Starcraft 2 players, I guess. The first game had a elegance in the game design, in how units beat each other, depending on things like cover, line of sight, abilities, etc. Each unit had a role, and maybe a secondary role, like the mortar that could use smoke.Or the sniper, the sniper was good against mortars and hmg teams. It turned invisible and fired at infantry, that was it, and it was enough.
Not in CoH 2. The snipers now have 3 extra, usable abilities: they can fire a flare, they can sprint, they can do suppressive fire. Why?? Why do they have to complicate things pointlessly, focusing so much on hitting buttons fast?

Fifth, I don’t see the ‘rear hit!’ indicator when I flank a tank. Nor I see a big difference in damage. Did they… did they remove the location armor for the tanks? Because I almost can’t believe it.

So yeah, I see now some irony on the title for the thread I did so many years ago, motherfucking company of heroes 2…


While I got some fun out of it, many of your nitpicks match my own. I recommend the totally free (because it’s a mod) Company of Heroes: Eastern Front instead of COH2, fwiw. One thing I will address; directional armor is still a thing in COH2. However, iirc, you’ll notice the bigger difference comes from the increased chance of critical hits vs. increased pure damage.


It’s there. If you press the insert key I think it is. Muscle memory says the 0/ins key on the numpad.

Rear armour and side armour hits are still ingame from last time I played maybe 6 months ago. The game would display rear armour shot notification. Similarly shots also have a chance to ricochet off front armour hits.

Your comment about micromanaging units. Yeah, snipers need a lot of micro. However I found with the two factions I played heavily (British and US in that order) that the micro wasn’t really an issue. Pathfinding would be atrocious, I’d certainly rage at the game losing rank 3 tank hunters because of some small obstacle obscuring line of sight or troops running the long way to get somewhere.


I knew I wasn’t crazy: there is no tactical view in the campaign, who knows why!


I played a bit vs the AI in scenarios with @Otagan and @Otthegreat a few weeks ago. We had a good time even after we went up against 3 Hard AI and lost (which was @Otagan fault, since he was responsible for winning all of our games for us).


Yeah it’s still a fun compstomp game, and the Ardennes Assault campaign was pretty enjoyable. The first one is still way better for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. I especially hear you on the extra unit abilities, I’m just not fast enough to ever use them. I don’t see myself playing any mp either.


I’ve yet to actually play COH2 because of this. It alternates between 60fps and 3fps on my current, ancient machine And now I hear that even when I finally upgrade my computer it’ll still perform terribly? Argh :(

Thing is, it doesn’t really look like that much of a graphical improvement on COH1 or DOW2, so I have no idea where all the extra flops are going.


Hey guys, haven’t read the whole thread but I’ve got a couple of quick questions based on a bit of play of the first mission of Ardennes Assault:

  1. The game is apparently locked to 60 fps max. Really?
  2. Any way to mod out the asinine mid-mission “save and quit” nonsense if I’m just having fun (and not trying to claim I’m a master of micro)? Why’d they change that from CoH 1?