Motherf#@€ing company of heroes 2


Wow, would never of expected an update coming for this. May have to go take a look.


Original CoH just got patched.[quote]Top class community content and modding haves played a major part in the longevity of the original Company of Heroes. And we want to help that continue! That’s why we have just updated the game with Steam Workshop capabilities and an in-game Workshop hub. This means you can now play, share, and manage your subscriptions to custom scenarios without exiting the game, or manually installing files!

What’s more, the incredible Eastern Front mod for Company of Heroes is now available on Steam. Get ready to wage war with the original Company of Heroes 2 factions, the Soviet Army and the German Ostheer, in the original game!


Happy days.

The original CoH for the Ostfront, and Steel Division for the Atlantic Wall.


I got a survey from Relic over the weekend asking me what I would be looking for in a Company of Heroes sequel. Anybody else?


Unfortunately, my quick answer would be, “Nothing that Relic did in their last two RTS games.”


I love how the meaning of the title of this thread completely changed before and after release.

Before release:

Motherf***ing CoH 2, hell yeah!

After release:

Motherf***ing CoH 2. Fuck Relic.

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It was a pretty long survey, and floated ideas for both an alternate history, Wolfenstein-style game as well as a modern/near-future game. They had long feature lists to rank that included things like destructible terrain, occupying buildings, army customization, etc.

Nobody else got this? I wish I had saved the link, but I didn’t think about it until after.


I didn’t get it. I’d be down for a roughly contemporary game, though I can’t imagine any publisher would touch that with a bargepole. I just want them to ditch all the progression/microtransaction bollocks from 2.


CoH: Mad Max: Rulers of the Wasteland: Post-Fall RTS


As disappointing as CoH2 was for me relative to CoH, the absolute deal-breaker was the camera. If I can’t zoom out further in CoH3, I just can’t play it. Even in CoH, the first thing I had to do every match was zoom it out that last notch and tilt the camera.


Yep, this, if I can’t zoom out in an RTS, fuck said RTS. And that nonesense about “fair play with gamers that have lower resolution displays” never held water with me, either.


What were their last two RTS games? DoW3 and CoH2?

Personally I thought the pinacle was DoW2, although I know some people prefer CoH1. Was the big complaint on CoH2 the leader lockouts? I really haven’t played CoH2, although I do own it.


Anyone else get the Relic survey regarding the next game in the series?

Seems we might be headed to Afrika and Italy.


So did yours seem different from the one I got a while back? Were they still asking about alternate history Wolfenstein-style stuff? Or modern/near-future warfare?


Yeah a little along the lines of how much historical accuracy you wanted. Most questions were focused on the location.


Anyone play this in the last 6-12 months, the patch log I just read has some pretty interesting changes!


Free until Dec. 10th in honor of the 5th anniversary:

Maybe I’ll finally get around to finishing the first one - d’oh!


I was looking at the steam player count list and crying about how fast the Artifact population is dropping, when I saw that Company of Heroes 2 is the fourth most played game on Steam today, with a concurrent user peak of 164k! Even if it is free now that is pretty amazing for an old game like this.


I always intended to get this game but the reviews scared me away. But for free… yes!


So, it got a major update this week. I have no idea what it means, but some people are complaining and some people are happy.