Motion blur/eye strain on Plasma HDTV

Watching sports, where there is a fixed background and a moving foreground, make Plasmas seem like the perfect TV. And movies are fanstastic.

But trying to play GTA4 on the Plasma is giving me eye strain from hell. Those chase sequences that are frantic, in the dark, with the camera moving around in all directions are so disorienting that it’s very hard for me to complete the mission, and the eye strain so severe that i had to stop playing completely and turn it off.

Is this “motion blur” a feature of the game (which is by nature somewhat blurry), the PS3, or the Plasma? (Panasonic 1080p 42"). And are there any settings to reduce it? 2D games like that cell-eating game or PixelJunk don’t inflict this upon me.

Well, GTA has always had motion blur. I find it annoying as hell. You should try another game though to see for sure.

So it’s just a GTA thing then perhaps? The way the camera lags behind you as you turn corners drives me nuts as it is.

I’ve never seen motion blur on an HDTV.