Motion to impeach Blair accuses him of "gross misconduc

A draft of a parliamentary motion to impeach Prime Minister Tony Blair accuses him of “gross misconduct” over the US-led invasion of Iraq, a newspaper said.

The Independent on Sunday said it had obtained the text of the motion from a cross-party group of MPs, adding it would be offered for debate soon after the new parliamentary session begins later this month.

The motion calls for a select committee to investigate the “conduct of the PM in relation to the war in Iraq,” the daily said.

The committee would draw up the “articles of impeachment” and a panel of law lords would judge whether Blair deliberately misled the nation into waging an unlawful war, it said.

A guilty verdict would see Blair arrested by parliament’s Sergeant at Arms.

Michael Martin, the speaker in the House of Commons, must rule on whether the motion can be proposed for debate on the floor of the house.

The newspaper said that although Blair had little chance of losing an impeachment vote, the very fact it was held would represent a serious humiliation.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do that to our gross leader?

Pure gesture politics from the George Galloway wing of parliament.

Its been pottering around for a little while now.

Perhaps if someone can suggest the W has been fiddling with interns in the oval office then a multi-million dollar witchhunt to impeach him will get launched. Things like “illegal” wars or other potential wrong-doings don’t seem to generate much interest at the moment.

If they don’t like Blair, they can send him over here. I’d be happy to trade him for W. :P

There’s absolutely no way this will even go to a vote. The ruling party controls the Speaker.

I’d have no problem with that.

… a panel of law lords …


I can never get accustomed to that terminology.

It sounds like a Dungeons & Dragons term.

DM: You come across a pit of Law Lords.

Mage: I cast “Hung Jury”!

Fighter: I attack with my “Recess” weapon.

Thief: I sap their strength with my “Extended Law School” skill.

Result: They settle out of court! The players split the loot, ferraris and trophy wives for all!

I’d be happy to trade him for W.

Only if we can make it 24 hours before a General Election.

Tell you what, send Bill over instead and we’ll accept Hilary as part of the Bargain.