Moto 360

Anybody get one, other than me?

After 1 day of use, I like it, but battery is definitely the weak point.

Day 2, battery much better…I read on one of the android sites that cycling the battery from 100% to 0, then back again really helped. Yesterday was exactly 13 hours, today is 15 hours with 25 % charge left…
Utility is much higher than I expected, being able to glance at emails, texts, and Google now stuff is pretty handy, as is the vibration for notifications when you can’t hear your phone. Very much gen 1, but I’m feeling I might be sold…

Thanks for the update. I’ve not been too keen on this product category, but I am curious to find how people like these watches after a few months. Keep us posted!

I’m primarily interested in smartwatches at this point because almost all digital watches are stuck with 7-segment LCD displays from the 80’s. I really want something with a more sophisticated face, like the Garmin Forerunner 220, but with the basic features I use regularly (alarms and countdown timer). I’ve got a Garmin Fenix, and I’m not terribly happy with it because it tends to get into an endless reboot cycle when the battery drops to 30%, and the display is still awfully blocky.

Oddly, most smartwatches seem to have poor watch functionality. The screens for the Pebble, Galaxy Gear, etc. don’t show seconds, for example. I’ve seen some for the Moto 360 which are pretty close to what I want, but from what I’ve read, battery life is far too poor to be acceptable to me. I find it annoying having to recharge the Fenix every few days. Every night would be too much.