Moto GP '06 Demo

I played the finished game at E3, but the demo is available on Live Marketplace right now. You owe it to yourself to play it if you’re even just the mildest of racing fans. It’s an awesome combination of simulation and accessibility. The final game has a lot of training-type stuff for those not familiar with motorcycle racing and the demands it puts on your skill, but I think anyone can appreciate the sheer speed and excitement this game offers in the demo.

The last iteration on Xbox felt a lot more arcade-like. This one goes the other way and it’s so much the better for it. Check it out.

You want to drop some hints for the crash prone? Like when one should use only the front or rear breaks?

When approaching the corner, use both… but don’t just nail them down. Ease into them and then release the front before the rear to balance the bike. You can use the rear brake to help you get out of the corner too, but not a lot.

Basically, be less aggresive on the brakes. Accelerate carefully and learn where to pick up the throttle. Watch the arrow at the top until you’re comfortable with the speed you need to enter and exit a corner.

Also, when you’re doing ok with that, think about using forward and back on the left analog to change your body position on the bike. For example, slowing down quick… you can pull back on the stick to put your body up into the wind and slow down quicker. On the straights, push forward to get down lower and pick up a little extra speed.

One animation I love is the guy looking back… that’s so damn awesome.

Any tips for getting used to the whole tilting camera thing, or is that supposed to be part of the fun? If so, then motorcycle games just aren’t for me.

Yeah, hit Y and get on the bike. :)

also: don’t try to check the leaderbord, it’ll lock the game up.

that said, this demo is actually pretty fun, for some reason a lot easier for me to ride than the previous game on Xbox.

There’s more feedback in this one I think. '05 was ok, but it just didn’t have the right feel. This is way closer to the greatest bike sim of all-time (IMO) Superbike 2001.

Downloading it now.

Yeah, the leaderboard for Friends locks things up. You can check your own times though.

Pretty game, though the aliasing(?) is quite nasty in that the road blurs up mere inches from the front of your bike. It’s like playing DC again. Would be nice if they can sort that out.

I’m usually awful at these games, spinning out and sliding into the grass at every turn, but I feel they mucked with the controls enough to give even an adrenaline junkie, like myself, enough leeway for braking the corners late without taking massive spills as often as I recall doing in the old XBox 1 demo.

We’ll all hafta race sometime.

I would race with you guys, but Dave doesn’t like my racing style. See, I learned to play modern racing games (ie anything after RC Pro Am) with Gran Turismo so I bump into every other vehicle on the course to control my turning instead of actually pressing the break button which, I assume, breaks the game.

Then again, if the choice is between this and Uno, I’m in.

I can’t control the fucking things, no way I can do this.

Just follow Dave and use the blue turtle shell right before the end of the race.

Actually this game could use more whipchains and leadpipes.

ding ding!

I’d buy some nextgen road rash in a heartbeat if it had reasonable controls.

that is EXACTLY what I was saying when I played this game. Why hasn’t EA whored out that IP some more yet?

they’ve already got the fist shaking animation in there.

Ok I’m sucking pretty hard at this. What is the trick to power sliding? It sure isn’t like ridge racer, prg3, or burnout.

The trick is… don’t. You should be cornering at the speed the bike allows until you’re very good at that. Once you can get some reasonable lap times, then you can start trying to manhandle the thing.

man he makes it look so easy: