"Motorola Apps" using up most of my data on my Android phone?

As I watch my data usage (5 gig/month plan) I see that the generic “Motorola Apps” is always on top in terms of data usage (using Onavo to monitor use.) For example, in the last two weeks it’s used about 183 MB, which is far above anything else.

Not anything to be hugely worried about, but does anyone know what “Motorola Apps” is and why it would be the main data user?


What phone is it again?

Can’t you just remove them?

Motorola Electrify.

Can’t I just remove them: New to Android, so not even sure what they are!

Gotta love “free” carrier crapware.

Most likely, the only way to remove the motorola stuff would be to root the phone and install a clean version of Android.

However, you could try contacting motorola to find out what exactly is causing all the traffic.

I wonder if there is some app that would deconvolute that for me?

My LG Optimus One had “Gingerbreak” that was a 1-button rooting/jailbreaking. Don’t know if that will work for your particular phone.

The problem I think I have with rooting/jailbreaking is that this is a company phone. As in, they pay the bill, etc. even though I am allowed to also use it unlimited for my personal use. So not sure I could get away with jailbreaking it.

Is the integrated mail app considered a Motorola App?

I think that the twitter and Facebook integration on the Motorola phones are considered Motorola apps and I wouldn’t be surprised if the other stuff was as well.

Is the phone being slowed down by this activity? Otherwise I’d just either not worry about it at all, or take it to your company IT department and ask them about it if you think you might get in trouble for constant large volume data use.

Yeah, this is more a curiosity than a worry. New phone and trying to understand what apps use how much data. I wonder who would know for sure, i.e. if some tech support at some Motorola site would know.