MotorStorm: Pacific Rift - demo now out

Doesn’t look like there’s a main MotorStorm thread, so may as well start one.

The demo is out on PSN now, but I’m not sure what to think yet. There’s only one track and it’s full of “ha ha fuck you” obstacles and twists that are nearly impossible to dodge the first time through, so of course you’ll do miserably. I guess that’s just The MotorStorm Way though; learn all the little nuances of a small handful of tracks.

The vehicles seem a bit too easy to roll, too, though that might just be the limited selection in the demo, where you can use a truck, a monster truck (didn’t really seem competitive in the field you’re racing), and a bike.

It doesn’t fully sell me on the game, but I’m still tempted to pick up the original now that it’s cheap.

I’ve been wavering over getting the original myself for a long while. I opted out initially when all the reviews called it content starved and all the forum talk involved whining about cheating AI. Plus they started giving it away free with PS3 systems and I couldn’t bother buying it at THAT point! Lots of patches and DLC stuff since with a cheaper pricetag has me more curious again though.

I did play the demo myself to part 2, but it was the Qore demo. I’ve read this new ‘free’ demo may be a different updated build? Regardless, your experience with it mimics my own.

I rented the original Motorstorm recently, and I wouldn’t recommend it over games like Sega Rally Revo and Dirt, even at new cheaper prices. If you guys have tried the original Motorstorm demo, that track included in the demo is the second best track in the whole game. Most of the tracks are just not well designed. There’s only about 3 exceptions, and the track in the demo is one of them. But the progression in the main game just got tiresome after a while. The game had good physics, and when the course is well designed, it can be a really great game, but I just didn’t feel like most of the courses in the game fit the bill.

Please don’t put Sega Rally Revo and Dirt in the same sentence. Oh dagnabbit, now you’ve got me doing it!
Motorstorm is fun, but not a serious racer by any means. I’ve been looking forward to the sequel for some split-screen play.

Imagine how much more metal it would be if it had umlauts.

MötörStörm: Päcïfïc Rïft

Now THAT’S a metal game.

Eurogamer’s 7/10 review seems to indicate that I’ll have the same problems with the sequel that I had with the original: inconsistent difficulty, and only a few good tracks. Looks like Pure is the racer to get when the current of barrage of AAA-game hits has faded into the long dry summer, not this game.

Pure? Dude, you just made Midnight Club Los Angeles cry. :(


C’mon, Tom. It’s obvious that all real racing games only have 4 letters in the title:


We have to call it MCLA or it doesn’t count.



The demo did as little for me as the full first game did. Nothing. It’s just an entirely mediocre racer.

The first Motorstorm was pretty good. The demo for this seemed bland, though. Something didn’t feel right about the handling.

Tom’s review.

Arise thread!

Thanks to this excellent video Rock8man posted in another thread:

It reminded me I owned Pacific Rift but hadn’t played it, so I gave it a try.

I think I’m in love you guys. The chaos. The amazing chaos. I’ve rarely seen a racing game come close to this. It’s hard as heck but it’s so great and I’m having so much fun.

This spurned me to track down copies of Motorstorm Complete and Apocalypse as well. Also began playing Arctic Edge and it’s great.

I’m playing on an actual PS3 but the video above explains how to play emulated as well.

Looks like Tom’s review is archived here.

Motorstorm is alright, but I’m going to say forget all those and play Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, which has been on my mind lately, instead.

Eve of Destruction is a different kind of awesome. Own it and love it.

I read that review, finally, and while I get Tom’s issue with progression, it doesn’t bug me at all. I look at this game like Spelunky. Gotta improve my skills to get better at it, which happens over multiple attempts. They’re always fun attempts so I have no problem trying again.

A review in which I’m whinging about progression? Must be a day ending in -y. :)

You see that MX vs ATV Legends is coming out soon @BrianRubin ?

Oh that looks promising. Thank you.