Mount and Blade: Fiery Swordchucks!

It comes out in like three days, and steam is running a prerelease promo that drops the price to $13. Get it! You also get TF2 hats, if you play that. has links to previews, including one by the infamous sluggards on RPS. The consensus seems to be more of the same M&B goodness, but set in a pike and shot time period. Well, except for the whole you can alter the loadout of your common soldiers thing, which could be awesome or tedious. So far lots of excitement, although there is some predictable forumite bitching that it’s little more than a mod; some intrepid modders are even making a Fire and Sword mod in WB to prove their point.

Other than the addition of guns and plumbers with funny accents (polskies!), the big excitement is a couple of new mp modes, including one where you can have up to 8 people wrangling purchasable bots in an interesting hybrid of SP and mp action.

I’m personally looking forward to leading my ai hordes against fellow qt3ers, so you lot damn well better buy it.

I’ve already prepurchased this. I love M&B and I’m ready for some gunpowder!

Pre-ordered last night, looking forward to more M&B goodness.

Ooooh, this flew under my radar. Count me in and thanks for the heads up.

Preordered it a few minutes ago. I wasn’t big on the MP in Warband but the captain mode in this one sounds really cool.

i was trying to convince myself i don’t want this since i’m already waiting on brink and the witcher 2. i was doing a pretty good job of it until i saw i can get tf2 hats for my preorder. when am i going to find time to play all these games.

I was going to make the new Combat Mission my last purchase for awhile but I can’t resist M&B with guns. If it runs on slightly older machines as well as warband does I’ll be there day one.

Captain mode, eh? Well, count me in - LOVE M&B

Does anyone else wish they could have added a coop campaign mode of some type? The multiplayer portion of MBWB left me cold.

For me, M&B campaigns take so long that I could never do co-op with someone. My schedule is too inflexible to handle long, long co-op games.

I will, happily, shoot dudes to death on my own.

I’d love to see that. Sure it’d be a huge time investment, but being able to fight with a friend would be epic. Or just having a bit of backup when you are trying to start a new kingdom.

Well, WB was one of the few awesome games that ran great on my netbook, so that was always impressive. Not like they’re going to drop DX7 support when they haven’t really changed the engine much.

The closest there is to coop is a mod called Battle Time. This mod lets you play your singleplayer campaign and host a multiplayer game whenever you have a battle. After the battle, the results can be used to impact your singleplayer campaign. It needs a server and host for it to work.,150827.0.html

Wow I am a MB:WB whore and I have not noticed that. Very, very cool.

Anyone up for some of that ish?

Woot! preordered as well. Loved the MP, love the price on it.

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this game. Could someone post a brief synopsis? Or point me in the right direction?

I’m a big fan of the pike and musket era. And who looks the other way when swordchucks are brought up!?

The taleworlds website has a great news section that links all the recent news and videos. Just go to and look at it there. You can also click the Fire and Sword section to see a breakdown of what the game will be.

I’ve preordered this as well. I really enjoyed the previous games.

With Fire And Sword is standalone, right?

I already own Warbands, but I think it’s odd that Fire and Sword is only $15 normally, whereas Warbands is $29.99.

I’m assuming that Fire and Sword contains everything Warbands does, including new mission and unit types, right?

It’s standalone.

As I understand it, F&S uses a completely new setting that is historical. Warband and the original used the fictional Calradia. Thus, the units will not be the same.

I think the lower price reflects that M&B is getting long in the tooth. You can’t keep coming back and tapping that same well at full price. Warband had at least the selling point of adding multiplayer functionality, whereas this is mainly a content package.