Mount and Blade: here comes the bride

Title Mount and Blade: here comes the bride
Author Otagan
Posted in Game diaries
When May 20, 2011

It has all come down to this. In game time, it has been a mere five months since I arrived in Calradia. Since then, I have made a name for myself in this world..

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Your Mount & Blade entries make me want to pick my copy of the game back up again. I got so frustrated with combat from horseback a couple of years ago that I threw up my hands and just gave up. Now I feel bad about that.

Really enjoyed these. =)

Meanwhile, I'm having an awesome time in WF&S. The quest lines for the major factions are interesting and deep, and have some choices with real consequences. At the moment, I myself am posing as a claimant to a certain country's throne, wandering around trying to be recognized by different lords. It's a reversal of the mechanic in the old M&B games (and in this one, as those other pretender guys are still around).

When the king found out, he arrested me, and I'm no longer officially part of that faction. I managed to escape, though. The king arresting me actually helped. Now certain lords are taking me more seriously. After all, if I wasn't who I claim to be, why would the king arrest me?

I kind of wish I'd waited until I could field a larger force to approach His Grace. 63 dudes isn't enough. Thing is, I thought I was just swearing fealty. I didn't think the king would recognize me as a threat.

This series was an awesome read. You rekindled my interest in Warband, not that it had waned much. Keep up the great work!