Mount and Blade Warband--how to reset the camera? Help needed

Hey all, somehow I zoomed the view in during combat and now I can’t figure out how to reset it so I see my guy’s torso, not just his head. Anyone remember how?

Hmm, well, quitting the game entirely and firing it back up seems to do the trick, but there must be a quicker way.

Did you try the +/- keys?

I’ll try them next time. The number pad ones didn’t seem to work terribly well, but maybe the other ones do. I’ll report back.

There was also a zoom function on the shift key, but I don’t think that was a toggle.

Another question: I seem to remember there was a way of displaying a “radar” of sorts in battle (single-player, of course). Anyone remember how to do it? What’s the best online strategy guide for the vanilla game?

Don’t play vanilla, install floris.

It intrigues me, although it actually looks harder and more complicated, and I already suck badly enough at vanilla.

It’s easier than vanilla and makes the learning process far more streamlined and just…generally better :)

Honestly, just install it.

Nah, play Prophecy of Pendor - its the only way to go. 5 unique factions, knights for each faction, the ability to enhance knights into a select knighthood of your choosing, elves, dark legions, Mongolian raiders, tons and tons of new weaponry and armor, impressive kingdom management, and iwhile its somewhat difficult in the beginning, all you need to remember is to stay away from roving bands of knights in the first 50-100 days or so.

Recommending PoP to a novice is downright sadistic. I got quite far in a PoP game (my own faction, 5 cities, 6 vassals) but it became an exercise in frustration. So many simple mods missing compared to floris that make the game drastically more annoying. Cool mod though!

Seriously, PoP is known for being punishingly difficult. It is perfect for playthrough number 2 or 3 though.


LOL I’ve got 300 hours or so into M&B (orig. + warband combined) and PoP was really good and I killed it. Still, newbies should stay away. :)

I just wish I could get better at Warband’s combat. I can’t get the hang of the lance at all. In original M&B I was the couched lance damage MASTA. In Warband, not so much. Also, they made the sword swinging from horseback way more complicated. In the past I’ve gotten to the point where I maybe have an army of 100 or so, have a castle (as a vassal, never as my own man), but then troop wages kill me, plus I can never adequately garrison the castle so that it discourages attack by the enemy. Is there a good strategy guide on how to advance past that stage?

Hmm, someone else remind me of I’m getting mods mixed up, but basically you want honor and reknown - Both increases the amount of men you can have and of course get leadership as well to both decrease pay each week and also increase the amount of men you can have.
Secondly, capture lords for ransom. And grab the loot! Always grab the loot! You may want to invest a few points into inventory management and prisoner management (Which also decreases the chance of lords escaping) and Looting, all of which are money skills. Prisoners sell for very good money! maximize the profit you get for each battle this way, and things will go a lot easier

Basically, in most games you can’t be everything, so be the thing you want to be, either the Commander (Intelligence, Charisma) or the warrior (Strength, Agility) - You can’t be supergood at both, I’m afraid. At least, not without cheating. Also, remember,a lot of skills are Party Skills, meaning your companions can help out there instead if you having to do the stuff there.

Finally, you may have overreached. IF you start out too early with the castle and such, you risk having the above issues. Also remember, Cities give a LOT more money than castles does.

Personally, I like to save up 100.000-150.000 before I start taking a castle.

As for couched lance - Just ride towards the enemy and your lance will couch itself if it isn’t just used. Don’t press attack, just ride and point.

Edit: By the way, if we are to compare Penises, Arrendek, I probably have around 1200 hours in Singleplayer M&B (I bought the original game when it was what…7 dollars?) and probably half that in multiplayer…

The worst part is, I still suck insanely at MP

Wow. Your M&B lance is much bigger than mine. :P I also bought it in alpha for about $7; I can’t remember where I learned about the game to begin with though.

I was just trying to say I wasn’t a wuss, and now you brought your penis into this. Put that thing away!

Edit: I also suck at MP, haven’t played it nearly as much as you though. Playing MP did give me a real appreciation for a good spear though.

hehe sorry - Its the only game I ever played this much so I just had to ;-)

Its weird, I just don’t understand the mechanics that well - Chambering for instance… I still have no clue what it is or how to do it.

Oh well - I’m having a ton of fun ;-)

Wow, I just looked up videos of chambering. While I had noticed this behavior while playing I had no idea why or what it was. Thanks! I think it’s about time for another 60 hours of M&B. :)

I first heard about in 2003 or 2004 I think, back when rpgcodex was actually semi useful and not full of angry children. Always meant to get around to playing it but only tried it late last year :)

Wow, this is the first I’m hearing of “chambering” in the context of M&B. Guess I’ve got to practice. Should be massively useful at least against the AI.