Mount & Blade: Bannerlord

One bug that is annoying me is that custom groups don’t seem to save. I constantly have to reassign my companions to group 4 where I like them.

Anyone know if the type of horse or pack animal has any effect? Are mules, sumpter horses and pack camels effectively the same? The costs are different do it would seem there should be a difference.

Does anyone know of the effects of criminal stuff? I have done some quests and it says I have gained some criminal reputation. I can’t see this rep anywhere except when it changes. I do not know if I am screwing myself or not with these quests.

For the people who are actually reading the quest details and pondering the answers to conversations, you’re playing the wrong game. :)

After having forest bandits repeatedly hand me my ass early on, the most satisfying moment so far has been winning a battle against them without casualties. Now that I have some calvary and horse archers, and my horse and myself and my horse have decent armor, I no longer get shot off my horse and lose half my troops even when I outnumber them two to one.

I moved my calvary way off to the left flank, had the horse archers follow me right to circle around to their rear, myself just riding with shield up to draw fire. As I start to attract attention I set archers and infantry to act on their own. A few moments later when I’m on their rear quarter and starting to dip into bow range I set the calvary to charge. As all the bandits are turned around shooting at me and my escort, the calvary crashes into them. As the all turn around again to face that threat I couch lance and charge in, setting my companions and horse archers to do their own thing. There’s barely anyone standing when the infantry charge arrives and those that are break and run (but not far). Not even a man incapacitated. Suck it forest bandits.

How is it with the controller?

Hmm, is it common to lose a weapon I had during the tutorial? I’d picked up a nice broadsword after a fight and suddenly after taking out the hideout it’s gone.

BTW I was automatically assigned a first name somehow. I sure don’t remember it giving me the chance to pick one when creating my guy. There’s no changing it post-tutorial, right?

Unbind/rebind the G key, it drops weapons. Oh, weapons you get DURING battle are temporary.

Yeah you should have been asked for a game. Maybe latest patch broke it.

Thanks for the tip, that must be what happened. It was one I’d picked up on the loot screen after a battle.

Another question for anyone–I have a weapon described as a lance but it doesn’t seem to couch at all, at least not automatically, even at top speed (I am on the starting workhorse though). Also, on foot is the only attack with that a thrust? I can’t seem to get it to do anything else, like bash from above for instance.

It has to say it is couchable in the item description. It will appear in an orange bubble at the top where it indicates one or two handed.

So I finally got the Empress to let me join her as a vassal. She was kicking all sorts of rear end in the South and I got to fight in some great battles. Then peace suddenly broke out and now I’m chasing down looters and running down poachers until the next war when I hope to grab a some real estate.

Tip: I saw this on a stream. You can turn in Looters to the castle dungeon as prisoners and get good influence. I’m building up enough to be able to claim a castle of city next war that breaks out.

To couch you have to ride fast then press X, you will see the icon on lower right

Thanks, @Thrag and @wisefool for the replies, and that’s a cool tip about looters, @Vic_Davis!

Oooh! I just participated in my first siege! Okay, I’m starting to see where the decade of development went. I rode around drawing fire until the ram got to the gate. I unmounted behind it and run in with the first wave. There was an inner gate that we needed to bash through with melee weapons, and on the other side the enemy was waiting for us in a phalanx like formation. So much better than the mob battles of the original.

Siege battles are indeed very cool.

So I have my own castle and am independent from all of the kingdoms. After using ingenuity and brawn to secure it, I was a bit at a loss at what to do next. My army was around 70, so I spent some time investing in infrastructure and building up the garrison to about 120 (not including militia). After that, it isn’t like I had the army to assault a kingdom, and I didn’t really want to swear vassalage to a kingdom, although I think that is the only way to participate in wars again.

Then I started to notice these clans running around that aren’t attached to Kingdoms. I started with the Hidden Hand, a mafia-like group that runs around the southern bit of the Empire. The Encyclopedia said they had 4 nobles attached, so I just attacked one and after winning executed the lord. 1 down, 3 to go. I used the gossip intel on their last seen location to run around and hunt down the rest of the hidden hand and eventually wiped out the whole clan. I’ve since done it to another clan too.

I am not sure how all these executions are affecting my standing in the world, the character profile says I have -2 honour but I am not sure what that impacts.

Anyway, all this killing got me to the next clan level to get a party size of 100, and was more fun than hunting bandits.

Are there healer type companions? I found two, both of which had the word healer in their name / titie. yet when I hired them, the had no stats and/or no actual healing skills.

There are, I have one with medicine of 60. If you right click on potential companions before you talk to them then you can see their stats. I have one for tactics, one for medicine and one for scouting.

Also have a couple of shops working for me right now, almost covers the wages of my 70 troops.

Battle UI tips

Control 1/2/3/4 to select groups

F6 is delegate which seems quite good!

You can have cav follow you and lance suckers down.
Horse archers are very good at skirmishing too. They will go behind the enemy infantry and shoot their asses.

Quest complaint: I lost the caravan I was escorting and can’t find it ANYWHERE. 3/6 settlements visited. They could at least die so I can stop looking for them.

I bought a velvet shop, but so far it has no income after a few days. I am assuming that they will start to crank out the cash after a week. There is no preview of what a shop will earn though. I wonder why they do not tell you that first unless all shops earn about the same amount.

For my wood working place it started after I think 3 days. The income fluctuated alot and I never really dug into what the factors were and whether I could affect any of them.

I lost the shop after I became at war with the kingdom that housed it :(

Oh, not sequestered anymore? You flat out lose it?