Mount & Blade: Viking Conquest

"Do you want to:

  1. Loot and burn the castle? or

  2. Commit ritual seppuku?"

Part of the Samurai invades Vikings invades Britain modmod. With Elves.

Hmm this does seem sweet. I was wondering what I would do to fill my christmas vacation time.

Yeah, F&S was so bad that I have no trust in Taleworld’s pro-am model for these add-ons. I’ll wait for some reviewswith my fingers crossed.

First, a caveat: I’ve never played Brytenwalda, so I’m not able to say what’s been added and what’s better/worse etc.

Impressions: It’s Mount & Blade with longboats and a lot more blonde and red-haired dudes. I know that’s kind of lame and vague, but there it is. If you liked Mount & Blade before, then you’ll probably love this. If you didn’t like Mount & Blade, then don’t expect this to change your mind. The gameplay is fundamentally the same at least in sandbox and MP.

The type of stuff people hated about Fire & Sword? Fuggetaboudit. There’s no grenades, flintlocks, or crazy stuff to jank up the engine. It keeps to the core strengths of the engine. People hitting each other with sharp instruments. Since Viking Conquest is built off Warband instead of the vanilla M&B like Fire & Sword was, you keep all the stuff Warband improved from the base game.

I don’t think a M&B fan will be displeased.

Man it sounds so good and lord knows I lose 100 hours anytime I start a new Mount & Blade game. Looking forward to hearing more though, I too felt burned by F&S and need some confirmation on quality. I’m really really hoping its good, Vikings + M&B + the good mod background makes me all tingly.

Any idea on what the AI improvements are?


What about the story mode? No spoilers, please. :)

Not available. Sorry. I don’t have any insight to that.

How’s the longship stuff? It seems like that’s the one main extension in terms of features (and the greatest potential for jankiness)

Oh, it’s plenty janky. I always thought the land battles were pretty janky anyway, so add small crowded boats jostling against each other as AI melee fighters wiggle around and smush together. Jank-a-palooza.

That said, it’s exactly what I expected. You can even see it in the gameplay video.

I have to go to the office Christmas party right after work tomorrow. I wonder how early I can leave without being rude. Obviously they weren’t thinking about me and my needs when they scheduled the party on the same day this gets released.

What makes you say landbattles are “janky” Telefrog ? I’m not sure I follow completely what that means. Warning - Long time fan of M&B here ;-)

Keep in mind that I’m not opposed to jank. Hell, I play the heck out of Arma games and I think they’re the kings of jank.

When I say the battles in Mount & Blade are janky, I’m mostly talking about the way the AI troops all clump up and wriggle in bunches all over the place. There’s no attempt at keeping formation, or really having much of any tactics beyond “Go git’em!”

Images like this look great…

…but I usually see this in battles.

Ah, okay. I see. I usually divy my troops up by types and then use the formations keys to array my troops - As in, press 1 (Infantry) and press where I want them to go, press 2 (Archers) and place them as well. I can’t remember if its mods mainly, but some formation orders allow you to move forward in formation as well.

I do see your point though, but it is somewhat addressed, at least in Mods.

edit: Why you tell your archers to charge? Thats just silly!

edit2: To elaborate - I usually try to get the enemy to charge. I collect my infantry close together (1, F1, F4) I think, I then place my cavalry off to the side, and my archers behind the infantry, or at some hill.

If I need to attack to get the enemy to move, I usually do so myself with my companions, and then rush back to my own lines. When the enemy attack, they break on my infantry, while being pebbled with arrows, and then my cavalry attacks from the side or rear.

Thats the plan at least ;-)

Funny - I wasn’t too interested in this when it was announced, but then I binge watched the Vikings TV series and now its going to be a day 1 purchase.

Every battle in M&B for me is something like this:

  1. Order all my troops to hang back;
  2. Ride around their charging troops, picking them off with my bow until I run out of arrows;
  3. Order all my troops to charge and save my butt

I’m really looking forward to the story mode as I’ve never gotten too far in the game despite playing 142 hours of Warband per Steam!

Yeah, at least in most of the major mods, you can do some pretty precision control by troop type. I almost never charge my archers and my infantry tend to screen my archers until the last moment. Cavalry run around in formation targeting hotspots.

I rarely have the chaotic mobs that Telefrog is complaining about.

Great, so let me state - I wasn’t comparing this to mods, and I’m not necessarily “complaining” when I say M&B has jank. It is what it is.

Indeed - I think we also just wanted to tell you, that you can in most cases avoid it.

Its one of the things that I really like about the game - you can play it in so many ways, and due to the extremely flexible difficulty management (Which is one of the finest I’ve seen in games lately), there is no wrong way to play it.