Mountain Dew

I was watching Comedy Central yesterday and I saw a new (to me) commercial for Mountain Dew, all in black and white, starring Spy vs Spy. Has anyone else caught this? It is live action (real people in costume) except with a kind of animated, cel shaded feel to the backgrounds. They shoot little springs at each other and when “bonked” their noses get all crinkled up and everything. It looks really good.

Yep, I saw that too. I actually stopped fast-forwarding through the commercials to watch it.

Funny how I pointed that out to you over two weeks ago and we chuckled about it.

I’ve got the fuckin’ t-shirt, man!

I don’t understand. Should I log with date and time every commercial I see so that if ever I chance upon them again I can be somehow restrained from saying “new to me”? Can I not blissfully wallow in my inability to remember previously seeing clever commercials on TV?

Yes. No.

The commercials great, I’m ready for them to make a Spy vs. Spy movie.