Mouse traps that won't hurt squirrels?

Any suggestions?

If insurance doesn’t cover the massive damage mice have done to my engine ($4,000 minimum to repair) I’m screwed. Sadly I don’t have the money or time to go for super humane methods as infestations are also a serious risk to my lungs. I need to wipe out these colonies as fast and as thoroughly as I can so if I can get my car fixed it doesn’t happen again. Part of what contributed to this was not being able to drive for several months due to my spinal nerves and leg failing, so now that I’m working out of that, I can at least drive it now. The traps that are cheapest and what has worked well in the past are the spring traps, but I can’t use those outside as I don’t want to have squirrels get caught in one struggling in pain.

Check on Shawn Woods’ videos.

His current favorites are the bucket style traps. Most are too small for squirrels to fit in: I Discovered The Greatest Mouse Trap Ever Invented! Amazing New Design. Mousetrap Monday - YouTube

We had a humane mouse trap that worked great. Mouse walks in, little door closes. But that might be too much work if you are talking about a colony.

Why not just arm the frogs to fight back?

I’m going to add this here because it’s the first thread that came up in a search for squirrel.

Orlando, we have a problem.

A while back we noticed that a neighbor had a hole in their soffit. And squirrels were using it. We told them about it. Several times. Nothing was done.

Then we heard them in our soffits.

Today the wife heard them again. In the ceiling. Over our living room, dining room and kitchen. I don’t mind telling you that I’m a bit creeped out. To me it’s the same as having rats there. Chewing, pooping all of that. I am not like JP. If I could kill them all I’d be fine with it. My limited research says that an exterminator can cost, on average, between $200 and $500. But up to $1200.

I have no problem with the cost. What I’m curious about is the steps an exterminator would have to take to rid of of this infestation. Any thoughts?

How hardcore are you? I don’t urban hunt, or even rural hunt to be honest, but if you’re in the mood to kill squirrels it’s a pretty easy task.

In my ceiling? Not happening.

Sorry, I wasn’t sure from the thread title if we were talking about treating squirrels well or killing them like mice. There’s an argument either way.

Make a chicken wire cone with a small hole in the end and attach it to the hole they’re going into. They’ll be able to get out but not get back in.

Hopefully they haven’t made a nest with babies in there yet though.

I feel like I’m not being clear here. Let me try again. They are in the ceiling of my house. Not the roof. In between the first and second floors. I would be happy to off them myself. But I want it done by a professional. Not me going into the ceiling like Ripley. :) Get it now?

Are you in a condo?

Connected townhouse.

Oh I see. If you have access to the hole they’re getting into then the suggestion I had will work. I think any exterminator is going to do the same sort of thing. It’ll probably be expensive and they’ll come back if your neighbor doesn’t address the root issue. :/

So you’re saying that I should kill my neighbor too? I see your point. Gotta kill the root cause. Thanks man. :)

The kind of person who has been living with squirrels in their attic for however long and not caring enough to call someone is probably not long for this world anyway.

lol ok this made me isugh out loud.