Mouse wiggs out, auto-clicks when playing games on my Laptop

Not sure why this occurs but periodically when I am ONLY playing a game on my laptop the mouse cursor will occasionally shift around its current position in a small radius in random directions temporarily (2-5 seconds at a time) by itself and also will auto-click (left mouse button).

Most noticeable when I am playing Sniper Challenges in Hitman 2 because of the level of precision required. The sniper rifle will occasionally auto-fire. I’ve had numerous Hitman Silent Assassin runs ruined because I pick up a gun and it will immediately auto-fire. But this issue also occurs in less intensive games like say…Baldur’s Gate 1998, and Lord of the Rings Online (non-steam).

I’ve tried 3 difference mice so far and the issue persists, so I am thinking it is a setting or something software related in the background causing it? Windows 10…preliminary troubleshooting hasn’t revealed any quick fixes. (mostly just changing mouse settings)

Touchpad is dirty.

First thought is the palm of your keyboard hand is interacting with the track pad in some way. There is a setting to deactivate it when a mouse is plugged in that I always turn on, because of my large hands.

I know this sounds daft, but do you use CyberGhost VPN? My friend and I, independently of each other, on different Windows versions, had our inputs wigging out constantly until we uninstalled it. Drove me/us nuts.

That said, the trackpad does sound like the likely culprit.

Alright it is likely the touchpad. Didn’t think to disable it while using a mouse.