Mousewheel i IE7?

I just installed IE7, and now my mousewheel produces a very choppy scrolling. Very annoying, since I instictively use it like it used to work.

Apparently this is a known issue, I found a few links about it.
Does anyone know of a workaround, or is patiently awaiting a new version the best I can do?

Under Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Browsing section, there is a box to check called “Use smooth scrolling”. Do you have it on? I get smooth scrolling in IE7 just fine (no choppiness or anything remotely annoying about the scrolling).

A long time ago when I was using Logitech mouses (not mice!) under Windows 2000, it would periodically get into a hitchy scroll mode. The problem wasn’t limited to web browsing; all apps behaved badly. Some scrolls simply failed until some arbitrary number of notches passed, then all scrolls caught up. My recollection was that the problem went away when I uninstalled all mouse drivers, particularly Microsoft’s MouseWare (is that the right name?), then reinstalled the Logitech drivers.