Movie Quiz

What did the Puerto Rican kids who lived across the street from Dustin Hoffman in The Marathon Man call him (NO GOOGLING)?

A) Shorty
B) Big nose
C) Creepy
D) Tracksuit

it was tracksuit wasn’t it? because he was always jogging.

Who left the door open to P&R?

Who played the title character in the movie ‘Harvey’?

What took you so long?

The answer is actually C) Creepy, though now I’m thinking it might have been Creepo. Also there’s no “The” in the title, it’s just Marathon Man. I probably should have broken my own rule and googled this first.

Okay, who’s got another one?

Name five of the Colonial Marines from Aliens. Note that Ripley, Burke and Bishop do not count. And for kicks, let’s remove Hicks, Hudson and Vasquez from the list.

claude raines!

Colonel or Colonial?

Yeah, that’s a trick question. The highest rank there was a Lieutenant.

Oh, I’m sorry, none of the marines were named Pedantic Fuckwad. :(

Edit: I’ll give Drastic a half-point for getting Gorman’s first name, Lieutenant.

I could only get four of them with the disallows anyway. Although they do scream Wierzbowski twice, so I could insist that the squad actually contained twins.

There are a coupla marines whose names don’t get spoken, but whose names are pretty clearly shown in a few places.


Frost, Dietrich, Wierzbowski, Crowe, Spunkmeyer.

How many people does Indy fatally shoot in Raiders?

How do you know if Indy’s shots were fatal or not? Like he shoots the crazy ninja Arabic dude and he falls down, but you’re never told if he’s dead or just wounded.

In the extended cut when he falls down his eyes turn to Xes and he’s holding a small bouquet of lilies in his hands.

And let’s not forget Drake, Vasquez’s partner with the big-ass gun. Not big ass-gun, mind you. Because I know you were thinking it.

I can’t believe you guys would forget Apone, the only Colonial Marine who was a United States Marine in real life.

The truth is I wouldn’t have got it in either case. :(

I wasn’t trying to be a fuckwad, I thought you made the quiz even harder by saying we could only name Colonels. Relax, man.