Movie spaceship of the day: Thunder Road

Jason McMaster on Thunder Road: "Thunder Road from The Explorers was more than just a vessel with which to sail the skies."
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What? I've never even heard of this before. As somebody who is legally no longer a kid, is this something that would be worth tracking down and watching?

Not really. Jason's point that the ending is a letdown is an understatement.

It think it depends.

My wife and I watched Explorers a few months ago. It was her first time, and she liked it. If you have kids, I'd say definitely. If you don't like cheesy movies, then I'd probably skip it.

Holy heck! Is that really the name of the craft they build in The Explorers!? Amazing. I don't remember that it even had a name. I need to rewatch this.

Even as a kid I thought the ending of Explorers was dumb as hell, but that didn’t keep it from being one of my favorite movies. It’s the same with most people I talk to about it, they love it BUT it fell apart in the end. From what I understand Dante wasn’t even happy as it was not what he had in mind or something. Anyway my Cobra Mk III in Elite Dangerous is named Thunder Road (my Sidewinder is named Eagle Five for Spaeballs/ID4), it’s a little more aerodynamic than it’s namesake and loaded for bear with auto-cannons and torpedoes but it does quite a bit of exploring so it carries on the legacy.

Ooh, a boost to a Starship Week post! Thanks for weighing in, Dan. It is funny how some of the coolest spaceships are the least aerodynamic. Which is fine, because, you know, space!

Have you seen Dante’s last movie, Burying the Ex? I advise against it. Leave your childhood fondness for Joe Dante movies intact!