Movie streaming in Fortnite is going to be a thing

Movie streaming in Fortnite is going to be a thing Get used to it, Gramps. The kids love Fortnite and it’s the hub of their entertainment world. Back in the good old days, the youngsters would watch videos on YouTube, but that’s long gone. Fortnite is the place to go if you want to capture the youth market. A pre-movie event for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker was only available in Fortnite. Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Tenet trailer debuted in Fortnite. Celebrities play Fortnite to show how hip and cool they are. Now, Fortnite will stream three movies in its Party Royale island. Depending on where you live, you’ll get one of three Christopher Nolan films streamed in your region on June 26th. The movies are The Prestige, Batman Begins, and Inception. Unfortunately, US residents get Inception, while Canada gets the superior The Prestige. The event will mark the first time a full movie is played in Fortnite. Attend so you can tell your grandchildren you were there too.

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The irony is that all of the movies were released before Fortnite players were born.

This is actually an interesting thing they’re doing, Very Too bad it’s Fortnite.

They should make a movie theater in the Save The World portion of the game, or maybe a drive in theater .

I wonder what David Lynch thinks of this.

What are the exclusives to Fortnite? I’m guessing they get some trailers that will be then released in a day or two?

Does the game company really want their players to spend a few hours watching movies instead of playing? That seems odd.

I would imagine the end-game (heh) is in-game advertising alongside the concerts and movies and whatever else they think of. Or maybe they think they can make enough money selling hats (and whatever) to moviegoers.

Wait, so do people just sit there inside the game and watch a 90 minute movie in a viewport in the 3D world? Do they just agree not to shoot each other or is it a special mode with PvP disabled or something?

My son is way into this and asked me to attend a Fortnite concert with him on Thursday. There’s a mode called Party Royale where there are only non lethal weapons. They have a stage set up for shows and a theater for movies. Its kind of cool.

It started as PUBG with building and now it’s Second Life with guns.