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Has anyone used Regal Unlimited? Do they make a point of verifying your ID? I’m house sitting for someone and he left me his login information to use while he’s away. I was hoping to see Spider-Verse on his dime.

Your friend’s photo should be saved in his account and you’ll have to pull that up to get in. They won’t check a government ID in addition to that. How similar do you two look?

Heh, I was actually going to look into that. I saw the details for it when I went to that Raiders of the Lost Ark screening last week. I think it’s 50% off popcorn on Tuesdays, too.

I read about having to upload a photo on sign up, but I was hoping it was more of a formality than something strictly enforced. We’re both white guys with brown hair of the same age, but otherwise I don’t know that we look similar.

What would be great is if it was possible to hire a screening room and choose the movie. Would be great for parties and events.

I didn’t think you could make tickets without uploading a headshot, but maybe? The ID is not a formality, sadly; they train staff on it. You’d have to bet on the employee being lazy or confused if you can’t pass the ID check.

I used to have Regal unlimited but stopped since I didn’t go enough. The unlimited was asleep tied to the phone or device the person used to sign up for the unlimited pass too. So unless he they also you probably won’t be able to use it.

But back to the original question. My regal staff only ever actually checked the picture once that I was the actual person. Every other time they didn’t care at all. Also since I hate paying the convenience fee, I would use a kiosk to get my ticket and select my seat instead.

Interesting. The Alamo doesn’t save or care about identifying information but it’s locked to a single phone at a time and can’t be swapped back for a couple months so I assume they figure most people won’t be loaning out their personal cell phone on the regular.

Which - given staff skew heavily towards high school or college students, and are being paid peanuts regardless of their age - is a pretty good bet!

I was considering picking up the Regal pass for summer blockbuster season… and then they went and closed my local theater last week. The next closest is beyond “on a whim” distance.

We lost our Regal in the same closure announcement, probably. Sad.

I think Regal’s system is weird, personally.

AMC’s (one I currently have) is also weird since they always make you pull out your photo ID. They used to be lazy about it but got more serious about a year ago.

I totally get preventing remote sign-ins to an account, but I don’t think they should be trying so hard to stop occasional local family-and-friends use.

All the major chains did this during COVID, but they’ve shut down the program or made it prohibitively expensive.

I rented out a whole theater three times for about $150-250 each time.

For closure: the lobby was empty and the guy working didn’t seem to be stoned so I just ended up paying for Spider-Verse. Maybe I’ll be brave and try to use the pass for a movie I don’t care about.

Watched it. Pretty good doc.

The optics of two Black dudes starting a company and growing it for ten years, and then getting pushed out by two white guys who immediately ran the company into the ground are terrible. That said, despite all the criminal shit the white dudes were doing while they were partying it up with movie stars and models, I can’t see how the original business model was gonna work anyway. Stacy Spikes, one of the Black founders, even admits in the doc that his $30-a-month conservative pricing model was just draining the money more slowly than the wacky $9.99 offer. There was never a solid plan for how this was going to work long term.

The Verge put out a podcast with an interview with Spikes, and honestly he doesn’t sound much less delusional than the Helios & Matheson people. At one point he claims that they don’t tell you how many people attend football games. What?

Sure. Except for that moment in every game where the announcer tells you how many people are in attendance. That happens both in the stadium and on the broadcast.

Well…sort of. :) It’s probably not germane to MoviePass stuff, but most NFL and MLB teams often give out “tickets sold” as attendance figures, and not “bodies through the turnstiles/butts in the seats” data. Sometimes they do! And sometimes those numbers are really close. But other times – especially when season tickets are parts of the equation – not so much.