Movie Trailers that give you chills

Sometimes trailers really do get you immensely pumped for a movie. Post movie trailers which made you want to run out and see the movie right away, chills notwithstanding (even if the movie ended up sucking).


Let’s see yours!

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I’m so ahead of the curve!

I’m just about to make a game version :)

First two that come to mind.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I don’t watch trailers anymore, but I loved this one when it came out:

I always liked this teaser, mostly because of John Murphy’s music from 28 Weeks Later that wasn’t at all representative of Horner’s forgettable score. Whoever decided to use Helicopter Mayhem deserves a raise. The pulsing shots with no dialogue work really well.

Superman Returns teaser.

This one @Gordon_Cameron


Wow, that one actually makes me want to see the movie (never seen it).

Yup. Heard the movie was lousy but that’s some teaser.

Thinking about actually watching a movie trailer gives me chills.

Ive seen this movie ~ 20 times and this trailer still gives me chills

Widely regarded one of the best trailers of the past 20 years

People forget this one

What I like about those first two is that the bulk of the trailer consists of stuff that’s not made for the movie. Also, they don’t show too much of the movie, particularly the SPR trailer. The use of photographs is brilliant.

Fincher is great for trailers