Moving a PS3 / 360?

We’re going to be moving in a few days - do I have to do anything special when moving the PS3 or the 360? Obviously, I’m taking out any discs, but is there something particular I should do to park the hard drive?

I thought for a second you had stolen another truck of 360s or something. I have no advice, I guess.

Nothing special required. Harddrives park their own heads, I’m sure. Just stick them in their box and don’t let the movers take them, or you might be without consoles for a long time :)

I cart my 360 all over the place and I never do any more than take the discs out, wrap it in a blanket (not if it’s still warm from recent use) and throw it on the car seat next to me. Never had problems related to that, just the RROD stuff.

Wholly, try taking the blanket off before resuming play.

If I remember correctly, hard drives with voice-coil actuators almost always have auto-park mechanisms built in. Which is pretty much any drive that’s less than twenty years old :)

Well, I haven’t updated my direct x drivers since 2006 apparently, but I’m pretty sure all my hard drives (in use that is) are newer than that. There are a few legacy drives floating around in my boxes of old computer stuff, but if they haven’t parked now, I’m not going to reconnect them to park 'em.

Thanks for all the advice, guys. I won’t know if they work until we hit Maine, but I’ll follow up.