Moving and need a gaming laptop

I’m moving to Amsterdam from Dubai at the end of the month, and I didn’t want to have my gaming PC shipped over there. So I was looking for a gaming laptop to buy before leaving and was hoping the experts at Qt3 would help guide me.

I don’t want to go for some of the very high end Alienware-type laptops because they seem crazy expensive. I’m basically looking for suggestions in particular as to what specs I should look for in a gaming laptop in terms of graphics and processor power as well as memory.

I’m also wondering what sort of experience people here have with gaming laptops and whether they can actually play the latest games out there. My current gaming rig is I guess on the midrange to high end scale, with a quadcore processor and HD6800 graphics card, and I know I won’t be able to play stuff at the same quality as I did on my desktop, but I’d like to be able to play games like Crysis 2 at an acceptable framerate and quality, and having avoided laptop gaming in general I’m not really sure if that’s even possible.


You’ve got a wide range of options, depending on how portable you want it to be. The 17" laptops tend to have the best GPUs, but they also tend to weigh 10+ pounds. I can’t say for certain regarding Crysis 2 since that’s not something being widely benchmarked in laptop reviews, but most laptops with a mid-range graphics (ATI 5650M, NVidia 435M) card will run Crysis at about 30 FPS with medium detail.

My Asus G11 has been awesome and prices well compared to Alienware. Not sure what this year’s model is but you really can’t go wrong with them, I’ve found. Only issue is you need a stand-alone mouse as the touch pad click buttons are awful.

Thanks guys, that’s reassuring. I guess I’ll go for one with a midrange standalone video card.

My M11x is great for gaming. It’s an Alienware, but I’ve seen it for under $600. And apparently it runs Crysis 2 well, although I haven’t tried it myself.

The only caveat is the netbook form factor, so there’s no optical drive. On the plus side, you can switch the graphics acceleration off and get 7+ hours from the battery.

Another thumbs-up for Asus laptops. Been quite happy with mine (don’t remember the model# off the top of my head).