Moving to Atlanta!

In October I will be moving from Madison, WI to Atlanta, GA. Just wanted to do a spot check for what cool QT3 cats are living in the area. I’m down with board games and Rock Band (and have a very sweet Rock Band setup).

Christ! Gird yourself for humidity. I was at the last E3 that was held in Atlanta and stepping into the street was like walking into a lung.

Atlanta is, uh, different from Madison. Whereabouts will you be? I know that a few people are there (I just left there a few months ago). LK is there and I’m not sure who else specifically.

Schmidt and I are in Greenville SC, about an hour and some change away. Prepare for massive crazy traffic, shocked me coming from Los Angeles, but Atlanta is traffic hell, like India and China, but without people on bikes.

Gird yourself for weirdness too. The south is… a little odd. Kind of Taliban-ish.

Atlanta’s nowhere near as bad as anything further south. In fact, the city itself is a bit of a bubble of reason in a sea of irrational faith.

I think we’ll be in the north side of town. I’m aiming at getting a place within a mile of where I’ll be working, as I’ve heard about the traffic.

Ah yes, where you can see 14 lanes of traffic merge into a measly 9. Fun town, though.


hope you like the words of peach and tree

Reldan, where are you going to be working (or at least what part of Atlanta). Atlanta itself isn’t too bad, in fact it’s quite a bit different than other parts of “Atlanta” that are just total white bread Bush-voting, W-sticker-having, sweet-tea loving, wish-we-still-had-a-plantation enclaves. I’m looking at you Marietta!

Make sure you find a place near your office if you can. There is little worse than our highways and will lead you to premature greying and balding.

That said, I live on the north side of the city. If you have any questions about the area, let me know!

Try some Terrapin beer once you get there too, the SunRye is good on a muggy day and the one off Hop Shortage is really tasty and will not be made again.

I’ll be working at or around:

I have no idea what it’s like around there at all. I do like Sweet Tea and southern rock, so it can’t all be bad.

I hope you like traffic.

If you look a bit SW of that location, you will see Lavista and Cheshire Bridge Rd. My brother lives in that area. The place is full of older homes, some of which are being torn down and replaced by McMansions. It is as I recall a fairly expensive area to live in. If you go east to Stone Mountain or Tucker, or north to Norcross, things are a bit more reasonable. I have no idea if you are looking for a house or an apartment, but you have several options in the area to choose from.

You are also very close to Buford Highway. It’s not the nicest part of town, but it is home to some of the best in Asian and Mexican cooking and groceries. You can read reviews and get opinions on the good from the bad at Before the Super H was built up my way, we would pick up ethnic foods at the Buford Highway Flea Market, which is near 285 and Buford Highway.

I will spare more details for now unless you have more specific questions, but that is really a fantastic area to live, being close to Stone Mountain Park and Piedmont Park. Cheshire Bridge is full of strip clubs if you are into that kind of thing (who doesn’t like boobies?), and are close to 85, 285, and 400 (which I live right off, but further north).

I’m from Atlanta–moved to New England over a decade ago and have no desire to return–but my mother and brother still live there. Pretty much everything folks have said is true, the good and the bad. MARTA, the transit system, is pretty good if it actually goes where you want to go; the trains in particular are good I think. At least you’ll be on the Dekalb side as opposed to the Cobb side, where the Marietta-ites hold their dark neocon fundie seances and stuff.

Be careful…there’s a huge underground homosexual population in Atlanta

My condolences!

Welcome to Atlanta! Now get the hell out!

Wait, that’s Boston.

Atlanta has lots of small brewery beer, concerts semi regularly (Dethclock was here recently woo!), and rumors of a good nightclub somewhere. If you’re a bar regular, you’ll want to hit one of the Taco Macs – they have just about every beer that has ever existed, and they’re damn proud of it.

Oh, and King Tut will be visiting in Nov, courtesy of Emory. I’m learning how to walk like an Egyptian out of solidarity.

My manager played that for us recently. Shameful! There’s an awesome remix of it somewhere.

Why the hell do you think they call it a burrow owl, anyway?

Now Stuart, do you think a kid like that is going to know what the queers are
doing to the soil?