Mozilla firefox dl issues

For some reason, whenever I try to dl something with the latest v of Firefox, the program gives me an error and quits. Internet Explorer appears to dl just fine. I tried reinstalling Firefox, no dice.

Oddly enough, the first time I had this problem it coincided with another problem my laptop has, which is if it is given any leeway as far as putting the screen to sleep it will do so at the most awkward of times, and only turn it back on by restart. I mention this because the first time I tried to dl with Explorer instead, the screen went to sleep instantly when I tried to dl. I ensured that the Energy prefs were set so that it would not even put the screen to sleep if it was on batteries, and the problem has not recurred.

Any ideas? Other than not buying souped up laptops to supplant desktops?

Oh and just to be clear, the latest version of FF was working fine until this happened. I’d had it for several weeks at this point I think.

Couple of ideas.

One, type in “about:plugins” in your FF address bar and make sure there isn’t anything there that might be the culprit. I’m thinking of download managers and so forth.

Two, scan your system for spyware/adware using Spybot and Adaware. Lots of annoying little programs want to put their hooks into your browser so as to gather data or display ads.

Try creating a new profile, see if the problem goes away.
Linky linky

Dammit, I thought I responded to this earlier, but naturally, firefox quit on me before I was done.
Nick: I have no extensions, and no adware I can detect at this time. Thanks tho.

Xpav:I am really confused by those directions. Shouldn’t it be as simple as going to a profile part of the preferences and creating a new one? Either way, it alerted me to another trigger for crash, which is the “options” selection in the menu. Any attempt to look at privacy options leads to an immediate crash.

Also, Every time I reinstall mozilla after uninstalling it, it still seems to have the same prefs. Attempting install after cleansweep…we’ll see.

I’ve had similar problems as of late. Firefox simply locks up and I have to kill it in Task Manager.

Also, how do I make Firefox use my new version of Adobe Reader instead of an old defunct one (since it doesn’t actually use it since it can’t and locks up and I have to kill it in Task Manager)?