MP3 Player/Laptop Hard Drive Help Needed

Back in March I bought a 20GB Archos Jukebox v2 MP3 player. Amazon had discounted them massively, and the reviews said that if you installed the Rockbox open source firmware they were great players, so I took the plunge and loved it. Rockbox was feature rich and the player sounded great.

After 3 months it died. But it was still under warranty, so I sent it in to Archos. They sat on it for a month without a word, so I called in from work today to see what was up; after the Archos team conferred, someone called and left me a message saying that having installed Rockbox voids my warranty, but they’ll be happy to fix the thing for $65.

Here’s my thinking. I want to buy a different make and model of player (an 80 GB DMC Xclef HD-500). I didn’t tell Archos that I had Rockbox installed, so they must have been able to access the hard drive (which is a standard laptop drive). Rather than paying half of my purchase price for a repair, I’ll just have them send me the broken player. I’ll plug the hard drive into one of my PCs, get the 20 GB of files off of it, and transfer them to my new player when I get it.


  1. Does anyone see a reason why this plan will not work?

  2. Can anyone think of a better plan?

  3. If I do follow my plan, is this adapter all I’ll need to plug the hard drive into a PC?

Thanks to anyone who can advise me.