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Not sure whether to post here or Books/Music…

I need an MP3 player for work, something to drown out the conversations which assault me from nearby cubes. At my previous worksite, I simply used iTunes and Pandora on my workstation. Currently, I’m working on State computers in a government building, and they run a tighter ship.

I have done no research in this area. I know that Apple does iPod and Microsoft does Zune, and that’s about it. I don’t need video, or wireless, or laundry service, or whatever else…I just need to play songs. I’d prefer to not spend $300 on the thing, but I’d like something nice.

I appeal to you for advice. Thanks.

You need to say whether you want a hard-drive based player (30+ gigs) or a flash player (up to 8 gigs)

Are there benefits other than capacity? I assume flash players wouldn’t “skip” if I were running or juggling it or whatever, but I’m just going to be sitting at a desk and coding. I don’t think I’d need more than 30 gigs of space. Eight would probably be sufficient. The ability to group songs into playlists, and a decent interface would be nice. Honestly though, I’m behind the curve on this one, I haven’t looked at them at all.

I didn’t know how much I loved my iPod until it stopped working.

I got it back this weekend and I fell in love all over again.

Honestly I tried to get something else, but nothing had the features that I was looking for…

I would take a peek at the Toshiba Gigabeat and the Sandisk Sansa before buying though. The Sansa has an SD slot, so if it’s not big enough you can make it bigger.

Adam … my advice is “never say never.” I bought an iPod G5 (30Gig that will also play video) about a year and a half ago. Before that I had these little skimpy players that I took to the gym and never thought about when they broke.

Now, I’ve gone so far beyond music it’s not even funny. Besides just playing music at work. I listen to audio books, I watch TV shows and movies when I’m traveling on the plane, I’ve put photos on it and even listen to audio and video podcasts quite frequently. It is the most awesome 4" by 2.5" device made in years (in my humble opinion) and I was the BIGGEST critic of them before getting mine.

Trust me, don’t just get a cheap old music player. Get one of the new generation of players and slow grow into it like I did. You’ll love it.

Also … if you do decide to go the next gen route, here’s a line up of the top 3:

I haven’t owned an MP3 player since I busted up the LCD screen on my 5GB Rio Carbon. I’ve never owned an iPod.

My new job requires a long subway commute, so I bit the bullet and picked up a Zune. I didn’t want an iPod (fight the power, man!), and I have more than 30GB of music on my home harddrive. I have no interest in the Zune Marketplace, or iTunes, or whatever. Rip and burn, baby.

All that said, I loooooove the Zune. IMO, the GUI is fantastic; it organizes music the way I already do – by Album and Artist – and the display is without parallel. I never thought I would deign to watch video on such a small screen, but lunch-time flies by when you’re catching up on last week’s missed TV episodes.

The Zen Vision M is a good alternative (I almost bought one on Boxing Day), but it is a little pricier. I picked up the Zune for USD$200 on eBay, and a pair of JVC Marshmallow ear buds at BestBuy for CAD$25, so I’m really happy with the price:performance on the Zune. I also have a lot of faith in Microsoft and their commitment to the space. I anticipate they will be updating the firmware and adding additional functionality to the device. Even still… if they don’t add a thing, I will remain happily iPod-free.

I have the shuffle and it’s perfect. I just want to hit play and hear music. I also have a hard drive based iPod, and it never gets used since I bought the shuffle.

There’s a decent chance that Apple is announcing some sort of new iPod in about 12 hours. At least wait until Tuesday afternoon before buying. :)

I like the brainlessness of the Shuffle as well, mainly because i don’t have that much music and use it mostly for jogging, although i do sometimes use it in the car. I’ve dropped the StickPod several times without any damage, i even walked into it near the computer and ripped it out of the USB port. It puts out pretty clean sound with some Sony jogging headphones.

I broke down and picked up a Zune over lunch. I took a gamble on the white one, since the brown and black were the only ones on display in the store. I like the look of it. That’s pretty much all I can do with it at this point.

Thanks for all the help with this thread. I originally searched for “MP3 Player” and got no results. Had I done a search on Zune or iPod, I would have gotten better results. Apologies for beating the dead horse.

Let us know how you end up liking it Alan. I’ve played with a couple of them in the store. Having an iPod now though I was a little confused trying to “spin” the dial only to find out I just had to press the direction on it. But that big screen looked quite nice on the demo videos.

Yay! Go Team!

Too bad you don’t live in Toronto. It would be nice to try out this “Social” that Microsoft makes such a big deal about.

Enjoy your Zune, Adam. And one bit of advice: if you have a Library bigger than 30GB, make sure you turn off automatic syncing in the Zune software. Saves a lot of headaches.

Oh… and pick up a pair of JVC Marshmallow headphones. The ones that come with the Zune are crap, and for 20 bucks, the JVCs are better than some earbuds costings 5 times as much.