MP3 searching program

I used AudioGalaxy a while back and it worked pretty well, nice search interface etc. But I think they are getting targetted now so what are the alternatives. I saw Chet mentioned Kazaa. Anyone have other suggestions or why Kazaa is good?

– Xaroc

I am interested in this topic too, but I must say that I am not excited about having these spyware type programs like Kazaa on my system. I understand the need for these companies to make profits, but it’s a tough call for me whether it’s really worth the price. I have to admit I don’t do a lot of Mp3 downloading/searching, though, and maybe I am making too much of the risks. Thoughts?

Kazaa lite is your friend. It uses a fake “cydoor.dll” file to trick Kazaa into thinking the spyware is there. You can find various download sites through Google, but don’t go to In a blaze of irony, that site tries to install Gator when you go to it.

Here, this one works:

One of the best things about Kazaa is getting things other than mp3s. I can rip better mp3s on my own, but finding stuff that normally is unavailable (like SNL sketches, or a downloadable copy of the Triumph at Episode II Line) is great.

Thanks Supertanker that sounds like the way to go. I had my car window smashed and a bunch of CDs stolen last September so in part I want to get mp3s of what was taken. I will probably repurchase most of what was stolen but I just don’t want to drop a couple hundred bucks right now on stuff I already paid for.

– Xaroc