Mp3ing chiptunes

Doesn’t seem to work at any setting – this kind of music is obviously averse to lossy compression. So what is the best of the non-lossy types?

Ogg Vorbis works fine, in my experience. But why reencode at all, when original is just a few kilobytes in the first place?

Because my mp3 player doesn’t play Commodore 64 SID assembler.

However, the irony of being unable to acceptably compress 70 MB wav files derived from 3k .sid files is not lost on me.

What encoder are you using on what OS? Have you also tried looking for
MP3s people already made from SID tunes?

So, I decided to figure out how it works a little, and it just turns out that the preset I was using on winLAME was mislabeled as high quality when it really wasn’t.

I made a custom one with the highest possible settings (320 Kbps, constant bitrate) and that did the trick. Experimentation suggests that using a variable bitrate is the one thing that mucks up consistent sine-wavy tones.

Ooh, I’ve got to remember that one. Cheers.