Mr. and Mrs. Smith - Season 1

Trailer just dropped:

Will definitely be watching this one (sorry, I’m not sure how to embed videos!).

I don’t normally watch trailers, but I did for that one, and can I just say “Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow… wow”.

Wow. You had me at Donald Glover, but that is a stacked cast for a TV show.

My interest shot up from “skeptical dismissal” to “daayum when does this start”.

Edit: also, what a swell song they used.

So I loved the movie with Pitt and Jolie. This seems to have a different tone, but Donald Glover is a compelling argument for the show.

Thank god they’ve dumped the “but wait, you’re a spy?!?!” premise, otherwise this would be like the 3rd time Amazon alone had made one of those, in addition to all the CBS, Netflix and Apple TV examples in the last couple years.

Quite the supporting cast in there as well! Interest piqued.

Yeah, I’m in.


Definitely a great cast.

February 2nd.

It’s out!

Is it good?

I had no interest in this, but just watched the trailer, and the guest star list just sold me on it.

We watched the first couple of episodes. This reminds me of that Netflix movie The Killer with Michael Fassbender. They are really bad at what they’re doing and the goings on kind of strain creduliry, but the show is fucking hilarious. I mean slide off your sofa funny. So far we love it.

This is completely not what I was expecting. The Brangelina movie was flashy, silly fun, but the tone of this one is completely studied and deliberate. I loved it, but I imagine a lot of people expecting something flashier and funnier will be thrown for a loop.

This sort of reminds me of True Detective: Night Country, where you wonder why they simply didn’t just develop it under its own name and IP.

The great Hiro Murai directed the first episode; he and Glover worked together on Atlanta.

Well, Amazon wasn’t shy about spending on the casting. Yeesh.

Turtorro, Dano, Alexander Skarsgard, Eliza Gonzalez, Sharon Horgan. And that’s up to midway of Episode 3. And BIlly Campbell, the Rocketeer!

Theory about the series’ opening scene: Skarsgard and Gonzalez’s John and Jane are killed by Glover and Erskine’s John and Jane.

It has remained hilarious through episode 4. It’s kind of nostalgic to have a show with a more episodic feel. Like after the pilot you could watch these out of order and mostly know what’s going on. It’s like Remington Steele or something. There are some really really nice touches in how the show presents itself and its pacing. The observations the Smiths make are just spot on so often. Like:

  • in episode 2 where John is like “What are you doing?” In my head I was like “Wouldn’t it be refreshing if, caught snooping a character just admits to snooping?” Jane says “Going through your stuff.”
  • In episode 3, the whole farting incident at the end of the episode was so true to life and just pitch perfect timing. The long pause–because you know what’s gonna happen, so they wait just that little bit longer–before “Oh my god!”
  • In episode 4, it is awesome how their slow disenchantment with the other Smiths lags just slightly behind the audience’s so by the end of the episode when they’re like “I hate those guys!” you’re pumping your fist and going “Yeah, fuck those guys!” And the way the whole jungle altercation went down in 2 second clips that told everything you needed to know. I really loved that; it’s such smart scripting of that segment to maximize audience interest.

I think they’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. There was a certain charm at the start. It was light and occasionally funny while also having enough tension to keep you engaged. But for me, they’re wearing out their welcome. The elements of the show: low-key slackers as spies, ridiculously silly missions, few funny moments and scene after scene that just goes on for far too long, don’t really lend themselves to binge-watching. And then two straight episodes of mean-spirited bickering and cruelty are not consistent with the tone of the rest. Is this a comedy? Am I supposed to be enjoying this?

Maybe this would have worked in a 90 minute film, but 7+ hours of it feels like way too much. I’ll probably watch the last two episodes, but I stopped enjoying this midway through last night’s session.

Are those episodes 6 and 7? Maybe I don’t need to watch that; that sounds unfun, and the show hasn’t developed their chemistry enough for that to feel like a natural evolution of their relationship.